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The Scottsdale Recovery Center blog serves as a resources to provide information on all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, from signs to look for, how to help your loved ones recover, and insights on treatment options. Visit our blog weekly for new articles. Our goal is to share our expertise and insights to help those suffering from addiction to seek help. For those who have loved ones that are addicted, the articles provide helpful information on how to get help, how to prepare for treatment, and what to expect.

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How to Successfully Date a Recovering Alcoholic

How to Successfully Date a Recovering Alcoholic

Dating someone new should be fun and exciting, but when the person is an Alcoholic, it can make dating a bit more difficult. You want to be sure that you aid the person in their effort to get and stay clean without making them think that you are judging them or are...

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Addiction Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Addiction Treatment Can Improve Your Life

There are long term negative effects that come with drug use that many people don’t realize until it’s already too late and they have become addicted. It’s important for everyone to know that there can be life after addiction treatment. A great way to help an addict...

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Pregnant Women Looking to Detox

Pregnant Women Looking to Detox

Finding out that you are pregnant unexpectedly can be scary and exciting at the same time. If you’re addicted to drugs and need to detox, this could create a very difficult situation for you. You more than likely want to do anything that you can to keep your little...

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Foods to Eat to Make Detoxing More Manageable

Foods to Eat to Make Detoxing More Manageable

Detoxing from drug addiction can be very hard to do. There are withdrawal symptoms that are so debilitating that they cause many people to end up relapsing if they don’t see professional help to get through a difficult time. Treatment can be a great option for those...

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What to Look for When You Need Addiction Treatment While Pregnant

Pregnancy should be a time of joy and excitement for a mother. When someone is in active addiction, it does not seem like such a joyous occasion. It is important for an expectant mother to get help to recover from her addiction as soon as possible to ensure the health...

Keep Your Anonymity When Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment

Admitting that you have an addiction to drugs can be difficult and embarrassing. There are many people who are struggling with a drug addiction who want to get help them but don’t want anyone to know about their addiction. They are fearful that they will be judged,...

How Drug Addiction Can Affect Your Sex Life

Drug use is often seen as a fun and exciting experience. People don’t realize that there are long-term repercussions that can come with drug use when it comes to their sex life. Many drug users are only worried about the euphoria they experience when they have sex...

Understanding the Repercussions that Come with a Relapse

Staying sober when you are in recovery is never easy. Nearly 40% of all people who try to get clean do relapse at least one time during their journey to sobriety. It’s important to know that relapsing can cost you a lot though. The following guide walks you through a...

Setting Boundaries During Addiction Recovery

When you are in recovery, it’s important to take the time to focus on yourself. There are many people who make the mistake of focusing on rebuilding relationships more than focusing on their recovery. The following guide walks you through boundaries you need to set to...

How an Eating Disorder and Drug Addiction Go Hand and Hand

An eating disorder is often something that people keep hidden from the world. The people are ashamed that they are doing what they are doing to their bodies and of what their bodies look like at the same time. Unfortunately, people who suffer from an eating disorder...

Tips for Protecting Your Teen from Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is on the rise for many teenagers in the United States because the drugs are so readily available to them. Many parents want to protect their teens from drug addiction, but don’t know what steps to take to protect them. Fortunately, there are things that...

Unexpected Changes that Occur During the Initial Stages of Recovery

Many people assume that their life will be joyful, easy and perfect when they stop using drugs. They assume that everything will turn around for them and they can start their life over with little to no hurdles. This isn’t the case, though. There are many changes that...

Addiction Treatment In Network with BCBS

Scottsdale Recovery Center is now in network with BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield). Most private substance abuse treatment facilities have faced many challenges in building partnerships with insurance companies.   However, we are now glad to inform you that our...

Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Decision?

The debate about if addiction is a disease someone battles or a decision that someone makes has been going on for generations. People who have never had an issue with addiction often assume that the person is simply choosing to use drugs. People who are in active...

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