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The Scottsdale Recovery Center blog serves as a resources to provide information on all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, from signs to look for, how to help your loved ones recover, and insights on treatment options. Visit our blog weekly for new articles. Our goal is to share our expertise and insights to help those suffering from addiction to seek help. For those who have loved ones that are addicted, the articles provide helpful information on how to get help, how to prepare for treatment, and what to expect.

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The Benefits of Sober Living Homes

The Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Addiction is a battle that a victim cannot win alone; they need a supportive team to recover from it. Rehabilitation centers offer excellent treatments for alcohol and/or substance abuse recovery, but the post-recovery stage is a critical aspect of the patient’s life....

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Signs of a Relapse

Signs of a Relapse

For people struggling with addiction, staying clean can be an everyday struggle and the potential for a relapse is always there. Anything can be a trigger, leading them back to the old, dangerous way of life that involved alcohol and substance abuse. Relapse is more...

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Brainspotting Treatment

Brainspotting Treatment

Brainspotting (BSP) is a fairly new type of therapy designed to help people access, process, and overcome negative emotions and pain. It has been around since 2003 and works to release stored negative experiences, allowing patients to access suppressed memories and...

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Continued Treatment to Keep You Sober

Continued Treatment to Keep You Sober

Don’t think that your drug addiction treatment services will end at the end of your inpatient residential program. Certain inpatient treatment facilities also offer outpatient treatment, as well as a list of other excellent benefits to help you stay on course for a...

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Drugs of Choice for Teens

Teens and their addictions and experimentation with drugs is nothing new: teens have been experimenting behind their parents’ backs for at least hundreds of years. Given the rebellious nature of many teens, the rise of addiction in adolescents was inevitable. Nothing...

Marijuana Use and Teens

While nobody can say, ‘Oh, teens LOVE marijuana,’ the evidence suggests that teens will consume most any drug to which they can gain access. Alcoholic teens will reach for their (possibly alcoholic) parents’ stash. Some teens will be given marijuana joints in a social...

Why You Should Fear Carfentanil

Carfentanil is a terrifying substance that can occasionally be found in hospital clinics as well as on the streets. Deadly powerful with an ever-widening availability, carfentanil has the power to take the already-lethal Opioid Crisis to a disaster-level epidemic of...

How Underdogs Beat the Odds of Addiction

This is a loaded statement: How underdogs beat the odds of addiction. Firstly, it presents a few assumptions. That there are two kinds of addicted people, the underdog and the favored. That underdogs might not beat addiction. That there are odds to beat in addiction....

What To Do When Your Spouse Has an Addiction

When you suspect that your spouse has an addiction problem, it’s sometimes difficult to come to grips with the concept that it is happening to someone who you’ve been married to and trust. Many spouses mistake signs of addiction for stress, exhaustion, or burnout....

Busting Myths: Rehab Isn’t Just for the Wealthy

If you were to randomly pick a corporation, a local high school or neighborhood in America and use as a cross-section of the population, a good portion of those in the group could claim a tie-in with addiction. Whether a person has active drug or alcohol addiction, is...

Mental Health, Police, and Drugs

First responders deal with personal trauma as part of their careers. Many police officers have seen things in their jobs that defy description. There is no way for a person to experience crime scenes and dangerous situations for years at a time without taking some of...

From the Frontlines of the War on Addiction

There’s a new ally in the War on Drugs, one that could be the change that we all want to see in the world: a tiny inhaler in the pockets of police officers. What’s in the tiny inhaler is Narcan, a branded form of Naloxone, a narcotic that’s been proven effective...

Drug Courts: What to Know

The Opioid Epidemic isn’t the first drug epidemic that has harmed leagues of people in the United States. The first was perpetuated against the native nations on the continent. For years on end, Indigenous people and their leaders were regularly plied with alcohol...

How Does the Government Curtail Drug Addiction Today?

Clearly, drug addiction is an issue that can deeply affect an entire country. As we speak, the Opioid Crisis is ripping through the United States, but the United States is far from the only country that’s been hit. Russia and much of Europe, Brazil, and Canada are...

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