Remember, when we used to complain about not having enough time to concentrate on things we love and would like to explore further? Well, that’s not it. Even seconds worked for most of us. From watching several series late in the night, writing daily journals to play your favorite games, and incorporating DIY methods to exploring ways of revitalizing the space you live in. The list goes on endlessly. But, the information age has changed a lot recently. While people are working from home, spending time with their respective families, and doing domestic chores, such a phase has helped us realize that we tend to run out of creative ideas with time. A lot has changed after COVID-19 made its significant mark all around the world, but the best part is, you still have a lot to try and do while in self quarantine. Let’s do a quick rundown on some of the fun ways to self-quarantine through which you can stay entertained and productive at the same time.

Build relationships with the seniors in your family

Many might be thinking how does this qualify to be a fun way while self quarantined. Well, this is not the first time the world has suffered a pandemic situation. Some of the seniors in your family might have been a part of several outbreaks. You can connect with them, hear their story, and draft a journal. Make use of their photographs, staple them up, and keep up with such a process. There’s no end to what you can do and learn while communicating with them.

A DIY movie theatre is all you need

Many of us come up with ideas of turning our room into a potential theatre, but when we think of initiating the entire process, we run out of time. Now is the time to surf through some of the DIY hacks and ideas through Youtube, Instagram, and several blogs. Since projectors have entered the portable range, you can incorporate them into your little theatre, with some popcorns stashed right where you need.

Experience soothing effects of natural supplements

Natural supplements are not just used for medicinal purposes but also to feel calm and relaxed. CBD happens to be one of the substances that you can incorporate into your regular meals and lifestyle. You can add a drop of CBD oil into your morning coffee or simply follow a recipe to cook your own CBD edibles. You can also procure it from online sites like cbd tincture that can help you sleep They are in high demand and they dont contain any THC so you dont get high and jeopardize your sobriety!

Fortify your immune system

Even though self-exploration is necessary, one should not forget the importance of detoxification and building a profound immune system. Moreover, it’s the need of the hour. Whip up and create a combination of green juice and a produce-packed smoothie. You can also make the most of frozen and fresh veggies and fruits for substantial longevity. 

What about a virtual world tour?

You always wanted to visit the happening beaches of Bali, hike through the American Trail, experience what it’s like to be on The Great Wall of China. Well, don’t get disappointed. Take a virtual tour of every city you love, and who knows; it makes you develop an interest in running your own blog someday.

Games never disappoint.

Kids of 80s and 90s have grown up playing Wolfenstein, Metal Gear, and many popular Nintendo picks, but it’s 2020, where the levels of gaming have achieved unprecedented success. Pick up your PS4 or Xbox 1 consoles and download the latest releases like Call of Duty – Modern Warfare or Death Stranding. Watch, play, and learn while you still can.

Try your hands on Quarantine Art

Even if you think you’re not good at art, let this feeling disappear. All of us have something extraordinary. Putting colors on the canvas helps you channel emotions and experiences and makes you self-evaluate at times. How? Through the colors and abstracts stored in their subconscious. And, it’s never too late, or you’re never too old to work on another new skill.

Exercise, Meditate and repeat

We all scroll through endless videos on Youtube and procrastinate. But, after a while, we develop a feeling of restlessness while self quarantined. Make the most of this time and go through online exercising courses, complete them, and detoxify your body through meditation. All you have to do is repeat the process every day.

Learn to bake

With ample time during quarantine days, you can learn how to bake fresh bread, cakes, and many other things. Initially, you might find everything difficult and even confuse with what exactly proofing yeast means. By baking, you can take care of your ingredients and keep a check as well. And, you can always help your loved ones in the kitchen and teach your kids some of it.

Learn from an influencer

There are several influencers you can follow, be it travel, fashion, DIY, inspirational, gaming, or only life. There’s no age for learning new notions of life and getting inspired. While you’re self quarantined, search for some relishing talks on TedX or listen to a podcast. Not only will it help you pick a new thing, but it might motivate you enough to have a Youtube channel of your own.

We don’t know for how long the self-quarantine period will last, so whatever you plan on doing, think quickly, before you waste these valuable seconds of self-exploration and self-learning. It is time for you to pop the kettle, learn, and indulge yourself in fun ways to keep up during this pandemic situation.

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