Admitting that you need help is the first step towards getting better. But finding the right drug addiction treatment is equally important. It can not only help you get the right guidance but also bring down your treatment budget. Here’s what you need to look for in a drug addiction treatment center.

For Starters, Look for a Website

A website provides you with an opportunity to have a point of contact. You can access their customer support any time you need and you always know how to reach them. Having a website also increases the credibility of the recovery center. If they’re a government recognized rehab that’s been in the industry for long, they’ll invest in a good website to offer a better patient experience to their prospects.

That said, the ultimate objective of having a website is to let potential patients get an overview of where they’re going. You also get an estimate of how much you’ll be investing in terms of money and how demanding the programs will be.

Usually, rehab centers also prefer displaying their licenses, awards and recognition, and certifications. That’s great for you as you get to learn about their accreditation and capabilities through a singular source without having to ask.

Lastly, since it can be awkward to directly ask for social proof, a website allows you to learn about the facility’s success rate, a team of professionals, and their potential.

Check for the Types of Treatment Offered

An all-inclusive addiction treatment center like Scottsdale Recovery Center® will generally offers all kinds of services. Below are a few common types of treatment options.

  • Long-term and short-term treatment

Depending on your need, you can opt for either a long-term treatment or a short-term one. Both allow you to get the same professional help but for different durations.

  • Individual vs group sessions

If you want to keep your treatment confidential, a drug addiction treatment center should be equipped enough to offer you individual therapy and counseling sessions. Often, individuals cost more than group sessions as they require more resources than the latter.

  • Inpatient vs outpatient treatment

Want to detach from the outside world and focus on getting healthier? Look for a recovery center that offers you that option. Most treatment centers are inpatient-oriented, so if you’re looking for outpatient treatment, make sure you ask or check out the website to be certain.

Scan Through their Policies

Some treatment centers literally only want your money over well-being. If you relapse, they may discharge you. But a good drug addiction treatment center will adapt to your condition and devise a new plan for you. They won’t give up on you.

But for that, they’ll require a good counseling service. Regular counseling sessions allow the treatment facility to understand your triggers, weaknesses and strengths, and ability to cope. If you relapse, they’ll quickly look into your plan and rework it to be appropriate for your condition.

Before you settle for a recovery center, ensure that you’re familiar with their terms and conditions.

Their ‘Cure’ to ‘Relapse’ Ratio 

Some centers have an extremely high success rate for cure but their relapse rate may be higher. The latter is the real test.

Patients usually leave treatment facilities fully recovered. But the ability of the center can only be truly measured by seeing how well their former patients are able to deal with their addictions in the real world. Can they equip you with the right tools for life?

See if you can find the relapse rate. If not, read the reviews of their former patients and calculate the relapse rate yourself.

Look for Gender-specific Programs

Perhaps you’re more comfortable with being treated with your own kind. Do you feel safer when you’re in single-gender groups? Scottsdale Recovery Center® offer both men and women the opportunity to choose from both unisex and single-sex treatment sessions.

Review the environment of your treatment center

How well-equipped is your treatment facility? Is it secluded yet offers excellent accessibility? Are you close to nature? Do you get to enjoy some me-time? Is your accommodation comfortable and homely? And most importantly, is the community helpful and supportive?

These may be too many questions to answer but they’re crucial for your growth. If your drug addiction treatment center can’t guarantee most or all of them, you’re better off finding another one.

See if they Value Mental Health, too

Believe it or not, addiction is a mental disease. So, your treatment facility should consider your mental condition before assigning you any plan. Before choosing your treatment center, make sure they have a mental health professional on board to help you cope with additional mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Take a Look at their Team

Speaking of which, have a quick glance at the center’s team – the people who’re going to be working towards your recovery. The team must include:

  • Mental health professional
  • Life coach
  • Nursing staff
  • Therapist
  • Program coordinator
  • Wellness coordinator
  • Residential therapist
  • Environmental specialist

It’s obviously great to have more people by your side to ensure your overall well-being but if your center can’t offer you the basics, ditch them and find a better treatment facility.

  • Ask yourself if you can afford the treatment and if they accept insurance

Make no mistake, treating addiction can be expensive if you’re not working with the right people. People often spend thousands of dollars getting the best treatment but never get the results they deserve. On the other hand, some people spend relatively less to permanently recover. So, make sure you’re in the right hands.

Alternatively, you can also look for a facility that accepts insurance. It’ll help you significantly bring down your treatment costs.

When to Seek Help with Addiction

Addiction is a serious problem in the United States, which currently, over 10 million people are battling. Since only a percentage of the lot get to avail the help they need, make sure you get help as soon as you begin showing the following signs.

  • If you’re showing telltale signs of substance abuse addiction
  • If you’ve repeatedly tried to quit or cut down and have been unsuccessful
  • If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • If you’re unable to focus on work or relationships

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