FDA Approves Over-the-counter Narcan to Reduce Drug Overdose Death – SRC® in the News, 3TV 3.30.23

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the overdose reversal drug Narcan for over-the-counter use on Wednesday– a milestone decision that advocates said will make it easier to save lives amid the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Narcan, made by the company Emergent BioSolutions, is given as a nasal spray and the active ingredient in the medication — naloxone — can quickly restore breathing if someone is experiencing an opioid overdose.

Medical experts said it is safe for bystanders to administer the drug to anyone who appears to be experiencing an overdose and will not hurt users if it turns out they are not experiencing an overdose.

The FDA’s approval means the medication can now be sold to Americans in places such as drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and even online.

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