As you probably know by now, April is National Alcohol Awareness Month! The month was established to bring awareness to alcohol addiction from it’s causes to treatments to help overcome it! It is a time of coming together to share about the road to recovery as well as the experiences that lead people down the dark path of alcoholism. By sharing, we can often inspire others to step into their strength towards recovery. 

Now is the perfect time to kick start your sobriety. Here are some tips to help you ditch the hangovers and keep healthy! 

Practice Makes Perfect! 

During National Alcohol Awareness Month, it’s a great time to limit your alcohol intake or try sobriety all together! Even if you have control over your intake, maybe someone who’s close to you doesn’t. Set an example and encourage them to participate with you. When you lead by example, sometimes it helps others step up too!

Get Educated!

Wondering alcohol leaves you feeling oh so great the next day? NOT! It’s time to get educated about the good, bad, and ugly truths of what alcohol consumption does to your body! When you know better you do better and if alcoholism has taken ahold of you, it’s time to understand what it will do to you both in the short and long run! 

You’ve Got Options!

Finding the right support group to help you through alcohol addiction is the first step towards your sober success! Our treatment programs at Scottsdale Recovery Center® aim to help you navigate your way out of addiction while addressing what lead you to it in the first place! We offer different types of therapy to help you break free from the chains of alcoholism and set you up for success even long after you’ve left us. If you or a loved one are ready to make a change, connect with our team today! 

Talk to Someone Who’s Been There. Talk to Someone Who Can Help. Scottsdale Recovery Center® holds the highest accreditation (Joint Commission) and is Arizona’s premier rehab facility since 2009. Call 602-346-9142.