As a notable Hollywood star, Johnny Depp seemed to have it all and was living the dream. Now at his defamation trial, Depp’s personal struggles are being brought to the surface in a very public way, including his drug use. On the stand, Depp talks about his early exposure to drugs as a child and why he would take them.

As a young boy, Depp recounts his Mother using medication for what he called her “nerves.” He recalls his Mother as being abusive with him typically being her target of the abuse. Depp said at one point, he started to take his Mother’s pills. By the time he was 15 years old, Depp said he had tried all the drugs he was aware of at that time. His troubled childhood and exposure to many types of abuse in his home left him rightfully traumatized.

For Depp, drug use helped him cope. He points out that for some, using simply means to “party” and by party they mean to use street drugs, controlled substances, or alcohol for fun and experiment. For Depp however, drug use became a way to help him numb his trauma. However, the trauma still stayed put and Depp found himself addicted to opiates, struggling with that addiction for years before finally detoxing. Depp recalls periods of sobriety throughout his substance riddled past, like when filming for his roles. Along with his past, the high profile case now fast forwards us to the allegations of domestic abuse and shattering evidence for all parties involved.

The case has sparked controversy on all fronts, even the public’s reaction on social media, as many make light of testimony with memes or dig into opinions. As our culture watches the case unfold, there is no doubt one thing is for sure, that addiction does not discriminate. No one is out of addiction’s grasp and it’s chaotic wrath.

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