As crazy as the trend sounds, reports have shown that teens are following the alleged trend of using alcohol-soaked tampons to get high. Although most of the stories are not confirmed and seem untrue, there are still some cases where alcohol is detected in the bloodstream of teens and young adults, and no trace of this alcohol was found in the stomach or gut. These discoveries prove there’s a possible engagement of teens and young adults in the practice.


Similar to the ‘butt-chugging’ trend where teens and young adults make use of funnels to transfer alcohol directly into their bodies through the rectum, in this particular trend, female teens soak tampons in alcohol, mostly vodka and then insert the tampons. The soaked tampons allow unrestricted flow of alcohol into their bloodstreams through the vagina. They tend to leave the tampons there for some time until the intoxication starts setting in before they take the tampons out.


many bottles of alcoholMost times, the people involved in this are teens and young adults who live with parents and guardians. Therefore, due to various restrictions enforced on them, the teens seek alternative means of getting intoxicated. Some of the reasons why teens use alcohol-soaked tampons are:


A breathalyzer is a device which is used to estimate the amount of alcohol present in the blood. Robert Frank Borkenstein, a police photographer invented the breathalyzer equipment in 1954, and the equipment works by measuring the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) present in a person’s breath. When teenagers want to conceal their exposure to alcohol but still feel the need to get intoxicated, they find other means to get the alcohol into their bloodstreams and this can be achieved by inserting alcohol-soaked tampons.


Although most teens do not enjoy the taste of a particular brand or type of alcohol, they may still want to get intoxicated to feel the numbing effects of alcohol in their bodies. Inserting alcohol-soaked tampons through their vaginas/anuses can get the substance into their bloodstreams while bypassing their taste buds.


Teens and young adults believe that when alcohol is absorbed through mucous membranes, it hits faster than when it’s absorbed through the stomach. Therefore, when young adults wish to get intoxicated quickly, they tend to go for the fastest-acting option which is inserting alcohol-soaked tampons.


When alcohol is consumed through the mouth, only about 20 percent of the liquid is absorbed. Our liver helps to filter the toxins present in alcohol to prevent us from ingesting too much of it. Also, 8 percent gets absorbed by the small intestine. Therefore, the full effect is prevented when consumed through the mouth. For this reason, most teens and young adults who want to feel the maximum effects of alcohol go extreme lengths to get it in and this involves inserting alcohol-soaked tampons.


Some teenagers want to be under the influence of alcohol but they also want to avoid the side effects of alcohol.  Excessive consumption of alcohol has been known to lead to oral complications like tooth decay, gum diseases, and mouth sores. In some cases, oral cancer can result from alcohol consumption. Also, there is the inevitable smell associated with most types of alcohol and to avoid all these, teenagers and young adults resort to alternatives like wearing alcohol-soaked tampons.


The vagina is a very delicate organ and exposing it to harsh substances could be dangerous. The moment alcohol comes in contact with mucous membranes, an irritation of the skin begins and the tissues start breaking down.  This could lead to damage in the sexual organ. Medically, when alcohol is inserted through other parts of the body that gets past the guts, it is more effective. This is because the stomach is naturally built to reduce the effect of alcohol.

Medically, getting alcohol to enter the bloodstreams through any other means asides from oral consumption will make the alcohol reach the bloodstream faster and the effects of intoxication will be more immediate. However, inserting alcohol-soaked tampons into the vagina is medically wrong and can destroy the reproductive organ.


  • Damage to the sexual organ: The vagina is designed differently and very delicately. Introduction of foreign substances into the vagina can be very dangerous. In order to function properly, the vagina needs a proper balance of flora and native bacteria. The introduction of alcohol can cause infections like yeast and urinary tract infections in the vagina.
  • Pain: Studies have shown that harsh substances coming in contact with the vagina can cause extreme pain and discomfort.
  • Cracks in the vaginal tissue.
  • Zero control of intoxication levels
  • Quick alcohol poisoning can lead to life-threatening situations.
  • Alcohol soaked tampons can lead to vaginal ulcers: Vaginal ulcers can occur as a result of pressure imparted by tampons upon the vagina wall which causes over-drying of adjacent tissues and decreased calcium levels. This situation can be critical as it can lead to abdominal discharges, urinary problems and pain during sexual intercourse.


It is crucial for parents, guardians, teachers, medical professionals and everyone in a position of responsibility to take this information seriously. Whether or not alcohol-soaked tampons is a trend, the chance of teenagers trying it out are very high. Everyone needs to be aware of possible patterns for teenagers and young adults.

The side effects of alcohol-soaked tampons far outweigh the momentary feelings of pleasure and the ability to conceal the use of alcohol and hence pose a significant risk to reward; every teen should beware of this practice. This is an extremely dangerous practice that can be detrimental to teens and young adults. For the people that are looking for a quick fix, this seems like a viable option. However, they do not stop to consider the consequences of actions like these. Before you or anyone you know decides to use this method of substance abuse, think about what we’ve discussed in this blog post.

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