Family Workshops

Building Strong Support Systems with Our Family Workshops

Scottsdale Recovery Center’s Family Workshops occurs each Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm and all family members and loved ones are welcome to attend. We know through years of experience that participation in family workshops is a critical component of successful recovery. At SRC®, we have built out a comprehensive, interactive and educational series that we believe is instrumental in our successful recovery rates. During our family workshops, family members and loved ones will work on themselves, their goals, and support their loved one in their journey to sobriety. Family members are encouraged to walk alongside their loved one as they overcome the hurdles in their journey towards recovery. Family Workshop facilitators share their experiences, insights, and support family members while they work through their own process of recovering from the impact and devastation of alcohol and drug addiction.

Family workshops at a glance – Addiction Education and support for family members is the focal point of each module and includes the following: