Whether you are single or in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, being informed about codependent relationships is a must! Codependent relationships are dysfunctional. Typically one person  acts as a caretaker, while the other person takes advantage. A partner can have extreme physical or emotional needs which leave the other partner responding to those needs at their own detriment in these cases. The exchange in the relationships fuels itself to grow the problem behaviors bigger and bigger. In addiction, this type of relationship is often seen not only with partners but with family members, friends, even in child-parent dynamics. If you are wondering if you are entangled in a codependent relationship, we’ve outlined some signs to be mindful about. 

  • Low self-esteem: The codependent person may feel positive self-worth from fulfilling their role as caretaker and thus lack self-esteem in most other areas in life. 
  • The Yes Person: Can’t say “No.” Yup, that’s a sign of the desire to be liked and people pleasing. 
  • Caretaking: Oftentimes a codependent person will sacrifice their own self care to take care of other’s needs.
  • Lack of boundaries: A lack of boundaries for oneself and others is a sign of codependency. This is often accompanied by controlling behaviors in an effort to feel secure. 

If you should find yourself dealing with codependency, the first step out of it is to acknowledge it. Then it’s time to do the inner work to manifest better relationships moving forward.

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