What to Bring

What To Bring To Treatment?

  • Comfortable clothes for approximately 7 days. Storage space is limited so please do not bring an excessive amount of clothing. Washer and dryer available whenever you need.
  • Clothing should be casual and comfortable but must meet dress code policy. No revealing clothing (i.e.) short skirts, short shorts, low cut shirts, spaghetti straps, all shirts must cover the shoulders.
  • Fitness/workout clothes.
  • Tennis shoes and sandals, and other comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • Females can bring a one-piece swimsuit when seasonally appropriate.
  • Jackets and/or sweaters for cold weather and our air-conditioned group room if you tend to get cold.
  • Hats and sunglasses are allowed only to be worn outside.
  • Personal toiletry items, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shavers, brushes, hair products, skincare items, sunscreen, hairspray, gel, etc. (all toiletry items MUST be alcohol-free).
  • Appropriate reading material (novels are allowed although recovery-related books are recommended).
  • Stationery and Stamps if you want to write letters to family members and friends while you are in treatment.
  • Notepads and writing instruments.
  • If you smoke and are planning on bringing cigarettes, they must be in a sealed, new box.
  • Phone numbers and addresses of any family or friends that you would like to be involved in your treatment.
  • Driver’s License, passport, or state-issued photo ID.
  • Insurance Card (medical).
  • Vehicle registration and insurance if keeping a vehicle on-premises.
  • A favorite blanket or personal item from home (of little to no monetary value).

What NOT to Bring:

  • No drugs or drug paraphernalia are allowed on any of our properties.
  • CBD Products regardless of the presence of THC or not.
  • Any medications not pre-approved by Scottsdale Recovery or medications without a prescription.
  • Over the counter medications unless pre-approved.
  • Knives, guns, martial arts equipment, or weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden on any of the Scottsdale Recovery properties.
  • Expensive jewelry.
  • Pornography.
  • Cameras or video recording equipment.

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