We are about to put a wrap on 2022 and welcome a New Year! If only challenges could stay behind us as we step into 2023 … With so many people making new year’s resolutions to get sober or stay sober, New Year’s champagne flowing and parties popping off can present a big hurdle. Here is your guide to celebrate the New Year sober style!

A goal without a plan is just a wish isn’t it? … Planning out what you will do leading up to the New Year, on New Year’s Eve and day, will help you stick to your goals. The night of NYE you will want to know where you are going and get an idea of what is on the docket to be served up … if alcohol and drugs will be there and those pesky pressure people (you know their names) you may want to reconsider that event! If you feel like the ingredients of the night don’t make it the venue for you then keep searching for one that you feel most comfortable with, perhaps consider a sober event. This is about planning for success not planning to fail here. New Year’s Day may have an influence on your ability to stay sober leading up to the clock striking midnight! Give yourself a plan to workout early January 1st. Join in on a yoga class, cycle class or any sweat sesh that will leave you questioning the temptations that may arise on NYE. Do you really want to find yourself hungover in downward dog the next day? … We didn’t think so! Plan that healthy activity and stick to staying sober!

Plans aren’t going according to plan … make sure you plan an escape route if you find yourself in company you don’t want to keep. You do not have to drink on NYE just because that crowd is and you don’t have to enable or please anyone that does. Plan to drive your own car, have a second or even third option of something you’d like to do or make sure you have Uber all dialed in. If you are a recovering addict you know that addiction can slip back in with one slip up so just don’t go there. Stick to staying recovered in 2023 and remember how much hard work you’ve put in to get healthy!

Boundaries aren’t just a NYE hack, they are a LIFE hack! Boundaries mean you have self respect and help you preserve your mental health. On NYE if someone offers you a drink you do not want to take – say No. Just No. You do not have to explain why you want to forgo the Vodka Cranberry … you don’t have to explain you have struggled with addiction or that you have a goal of staying sober for the evening. You can simply let your “no” be your no. Boundaries help us internally build strength and each time we set one we are honoring an inner power to live our healthiest lives. You can also set a boundary around when you want to head home for the night. If you don’t want to catch the train to the party after dinner, you do not have to.

If you’ve been there and done that, consider a night in with some loved ones or even by yourself! There is nothing like curling up and snoozing instead of boozing into the New Year! Healthy habits like getting more Zzz’s in can help improve your overall functioning and lead to more good things happening for you! Every day of life can be a celebration!

So let’s get ready for another year around the sun and celebrate the strength and courage of recovery. If you are not there yet … it is ok. There is help and guidance available to you. Connect with our team at Scottsdale Recovery and Detox Center and we will lead the way to a brighter future. By providing a vast array of services we recognize not two people are exactly the same and neither are their addictions. We want our clients, community, and those who are struggling to have access to support in all forms.

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