High school can be a very tough time for kids. They are often introduced to new challenges, changes in their body and temptations all at the same time. Preparing your child for high school is important. You want to be sure that they cannot be persuaded to do something that could cause them harm or get them into trouble. The following guide can serve as a checklist for how to better the chances of your child staying safe in high school.

Help Your Child Understand Bullying

Bullying is very common in high school. Children often tend to pick on one another to make themselves feel better. It’s important for your child to know the difference between bullying someone joking around with them. Your child also needs to know what to do if they are bullied. You want to be sure that they do not live in fear or pain in silence. It is now possible for children to bully kids in person, through the phone and even online. Take the time to talk to your children regularly about what is going on in their life and monitor their phone and Internet usage to keep them safe and make sure they are not being bullied without you knowing it.

Prepare Your Child for Physical Changes That Will Take Place

Puberty is a very difficult time for teenagers. Not only does their body goes through major changes, but their hormones can cause huge emotional changes as well. It’s important to prepare your child for the changes that their body is going to go through. This takes away the element of surprise and can make the transition into adulthood a bit easier for them. Be sure to answer any questions that they have so that they can feel fully informed.

When their body goes through so many changes, it can sometimes take a toll on their psyche. Many teenage girls develop eating disorders throughout high school. This is because they do not feel that their body is the right size, shape and or build. This can lead to them becoming very thin or very overweight depending on the eating disorder they develop. It is important to constantly reassure your child that they’re perfect just the way they are. If you notice that there are things that need to be dressed in regard to their weight, try to make changes as a household said they do not feel singled out.

Talk to Your Child About Sex

Most parents want their children to remain abstinent throughout high school, but this does not commonly happen, unfortunately. Many teens have sex at a very early age because they do not realize how dangerous it can be. It’s important to talk with your children about safe sex before they even hit high school so that they can be properly informed and protected. You need to let them know about all of the risks that come with having sex. You also need to talk to them about how to properly protect themselves. It’s important to have a discussion about people having a right to choose what they do with their body. If someone says no to sex, then no one should persuade them to do it. Teaching teens at an early age that no means no is essential for keeping them safe in today’s culture.

Date rape is very common in high school. Many women do not feel comfortable talking about it because they blame themselves. Having an open forum with your child about sex allows them to feel safe to talk to you if something does happen. It’s important to educate your child about what rape is and what the consequences are for it. This can keep young men and women are making choices that can ruin their life as well as the person that they victimize.

Talk to Your Kids About Drug Use

Unfortunately, drug abuse is running rampant through many of the high schools throughout the country. Teens are willing to try harder and harder drugs in order to seem cool or to avoid being bullied. It’s important to have an open and honest discussion with your children about drug use. It allows you to prepare them for someone trying to persuade them to use drugs and provides them with options on how to get out of the situation. If your child feels comfortable to talk to you about drugs, you have a better chance of them being able to say no.

It is also important to talk to your children about someone slipping them drugs. It is common for drugs to be placed in drinks at parties and people to take them without knowing it. Educate your children about not taking a drink from anyone without watching them make it to ensure that they are protected from someone drugging them.

Talk About Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is very common in high school. Teens often steal alcohol from their parents or have older friends buy it for them. Drinking alcohol as a teenager is never a good thing because their mind is not fully developed yet and they often make very poor decisions. Many teenagers end up drinking to excess and actually get alcohol poisoning or even die. It’s important to let your teen know that they do not have to drink to be cool. Let them know that you will come get them at any time if they feel like they’re being pressured to drink.

There are times when talking is simply not enough. Some teens choose to make poor decisions regardless of how much their parents talk to them about the dangers that can arise in high school. Be vigilant in noticing changes to your teen. If you notice that they are losing weight, their attitude has changed, their dietary habits have changed, or they simply don’t seem like themselves there may be something wrong. First, you need to take your teen to the doctor to have them evaluated and see if the doctor feels that they’re using drugs or drinking alcohol. If the doctor feels that they have a problem, consider sending them to a professional facility to treat their addiction. There is no age limit when it comes to seeking help for an addiction. There are programs available specifically designed for teens so that they can get help now and prevent a relapse in the future.

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