Recover in Comfort

Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC) offers a home away from home that is specially designed to provide a comfortable and productive recovery. Drug addiction is taxing on a person’s body, and effects their overall well-being, including their self-perception. With a beautifully effective combination of a top medical team, careful attention to emotional health and care, and the indulgent beauty of Scottsdale, Arizona, SRC is the best choice for someone seeking to escape a life blurred by addiction. SRC is a center of caring and supportive therapy, as well as a place to commune with others who have endured the effects of addiction.

Adventure Therapy

art capsulesScottsdale Recovery Center believes in the power of nature to battle the effects of addiction, and addiction itself. Simply spending a little time in the sun everyday is an important part of anyone’s overall health, and is essential for those struggling with mental health issues. Adventure therapy starts with inviting residents to bask in the sun, and then challenges them to challenge themselves.

While physical outdoor challenges won’t be every resident’s cup of tea, the opportunity is seized by those seeking a little fun, and a little competition. Some of what is offered in adventure therapy is designed to elevate your heart rate for cardio exercise, and some activities build your muscle and endurance. Maintaining the best physical shape possible is good not only for the journey to the end of the road of addiction, but is also an easy step to create a habit of lifelong fitness and stamina. Spending time outdoors during therapy may lead to increased appreciation of the beauty of nature, and to a better overall ability to heal from anything that may negatively affect someone.

Equine Therapy

Though still considered ‘experimental’ by some, there are clear and wonderful benefits to incorporating horses into drug treatment therapy. Horseback riding is a fun activity that can take any person far from home and all the way back in one day, with no car. Horses themselves are fairly intuitive animals that regularly bond with humans. Forming emotional connections with animals is always a healthy move for people. Vulnerable people, including people transitioning away from drug addiction, can strongly benefit from bonding with and caring for animals.

Horses, in particular, are excellent for therapy. Horses require a large amount of attention and care: feeding and grooming horses is a full-time job for people all over the country. At SRC, horses are used to reiterate how to care for another being and take responsibility. Caring for a horse can effectively teach a person how to be more empathetic, assertive, and sensitive to others. Horse care has the power to improve stress levels and interpersonal relationships, as well as growing problem-solving skills.

Guided Meditation

Meditation needs no introduction, but it is a treasured resource for residents of SRC. Getting back to the self, and using meditation as a part of therapy is part of recovery for many people. Through meditation and yoga, many people have found a place that allows for them to deeply focus on self-improvement mentally and physically.

Held in a variety of places with different backgrounds, but always in a space of comfort and encouragement, meditation can be done daily, more often, or less often, as a resident wishes. While no spiritual practice works for everyone, meditation is an excellent recovery tool that is as much a part of holistic healthcare as it is medical care.

Recovery-Based Yoga

Yoga entered the United States fitness scene in the mid-20th century. It exploded in popularity in the 1990s, becoming a retreat for anyone living near a yoga studio that could then afford to be part of a yoga studio. SRC has chosen to incorporate yoga as part of a deeply effective therapy program that helps residents not only with relaxation and stretching, but also with some strength training, depending on the level of instruction.

Part of the reason that yoga, and other types of exercise are so successful and necessary for treatment for addiction is because of that focus on feeling in the body. With more attention paid to the self, it is easier to understand what more a person may need on the journey to recovery.

Life Coaching

No one returns to their lives without a little extra help. It isn’t enough to simply recover from addiction – there is a whole world out there, and often, a person will need more tools to navigate back to a place of success and stability. This is where counselors and life coaches step in – while not exclusive to assisting residents in finding jobs or places to live, life coaches at SRC can also assist residents with achieving short-term goals, occasionally acting as mentors to people recovering from drug addiction.

Life coaches are also available to check-in with any and every resident to ensure that the newly-recovered individual is coping well with the return to everyday life. The goal of a life coach is to lead a newly-recovered individual to a place of good mental, social, and professional health.

Choose Scottsdale Recovery Center

With a variety of specialized programs for a number of addictions, SRC is committed to assisting those who need drug treatment in an upscale, modern facility. While there can never be guarantees with therapy, there is always hope with treatment. Wherever or however a person recovers from addiction, it is always recommended that a person joins local support groups. It is equally important to reach out if faced with the temptation to go back to addiction. If this sounds like something that could help someone, contact Scottsdale Recovery Center.

Talk to Someone Who’s Been There. Talk to Someone Who Can Help. Scottsdale Recovery Center holds the highest accreditation (Joint Commission) and is Arizona’s premier rehab facility since 2009. Call 602-346-9142.