Peer Support Certification

Turn Your Passion Into Your Mission to Help Others.
Leverage the power of lived experience.

What is Peer Support Certification at Scottsdale Recovery Center? Peer Support Certification is for anyone that has lived experience. What is lived experience? Lived experience is for individuals that have had either personally experienced the behavioral health system or have helped a family member navigate the behavioral health system. 

This lived experience provides us a deeper understanding and empathy for a patient or clients’ concerns and challenges as they begin to navigate a life of sustained recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Peer Support Certification Training Testimonials

“Peer Support, inspiring and encouraging others to connect and then create an incredible new life in recovery that they no longer want to escape from.”

Eric Beer

Peer Support Certification Trainer

“The experience that I personally had while training with Eric Beer was unlike any other, I’ve ever experienced. He is a passionate individual with a lot of wisdom and shares much hope for my future as a Peer Support Specialist. His training has given me strength and hope to continue my journey toward my sobriety and help others achieve their goals as well. I thank my higher powers for bringing him into my path daily and wish that many others become as successful and blessed as I have been since I finished his training course. Thank you, Eric, for always being the supportive person and guiding light to help others toward recovery. “

David O.


“Eric’s ability to inject humor and entertainment into every lesson is truly remarkable. He effortlessly engages the class, making the learning experience enjoyable and captivating. He is a true master at blending education and entertainment, making every class a delightful experience.”

David W.

Group Facilitator

“I gained a lot of knowledge by attending this training class.  Eric made the content easy to understand and in a fun manner as well.  The worksheets, handouts, and tools he provided us with have been extremely helpful while interacting with clients and their recovery. Thanks Eric!!”

Ashley H.


“My experience in the Peer Support classes that Eric ran, was amazing. I realize that when it comes to this field, I’ll never stop learning. Interesting too, because I thought I knew it all. The energy and the drive within that room was an incredible force that kept us going with even more motivation and determination. If it wasn’t for this class, as well as Scottsdale Recovery Center itself, I wouldn’t have been given these opportunities I now have. At least not in the ways I have currently. I’m beyond grateful I was given the chance to expand my knowledge so that I can use the tools necessary to pay it forward. I’m so genuinely thankful. I feel such pride after accomplishing this huge milestone of passing Peer Support and stepping into my calling. I know I’ll be a valuable asset because of many reasons but it wouldn’t be possible to ascend as much as I intend to, without my certificate.”

Monica S.

“I wanna say that it was an absolute pleasure taking the peer support class with Eric, he made it easy and fun. I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to pass that knowledge on to someone else. “

AJ Jaff


“I’m so appreciative for the peer support class; this has been one of my goals for a while now to get my peer support certificate and it was an honor to have Eric for my teacher in this class, his passion and knowledge and outlook on recovery are unmatched. 

Thank you, Eric, for all your love, your support and your wisdom you rock!!!!”

Leler C.


“I was recently Peer Support certified through SRC, led by Eric Beer. This class was amazing. I was able to learn so much about myself, which I can now use to help others. For me, this class was the foundation I needed because it solidified the idea of working in recovery. 

The knowledge Eric shared with us during this class was monumental and I am forever grateful for attending. Eric takes the information we need to learn and adds his own experience to each chapter we covered. He elaborates on personal situations but also adds in role playing, written exercises, along with group discussions. I highly recommend this class to anyone who takes recovery seriously. I could have never gotten the hands-on knowledge shared with me by getting certified online. This class is a must! “

Gene M.

“While becoming Peer Support certified I had the honor of learning from instructor Eric Beer, the classes were very informative, and Eric made each day fun and intriguing. I’m able to use what I’ve learned on a day-to-day basis during work and even outside of work. I’m grateful for the opportunity to become Peer Support certified by an amazing individual.”

Deran M.


“Taking Peer Support at Scottsdale Recovery Center was a great experience! The course information was delivered in a way that was both interesting and thought provoking. The instructor was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the material. I really appreciated the way we were encouraged to collaborate and interact with others in the class. I have been able to apply much of what I learned both inside and outside of the treatment center where I work. I highly recommend taking Peer Support at SRC!”

Amanda 0

“I was recently in Eric’s Peer Support Certification Class. I have taken many courses at previous Behavioral Health jobs, so I figured this class would be a bit repetitive and dull. It was quite the opposite. Not only did I learn a great deal from this class, but I also enjoyed myself very much. Eric made the class interesting and interactive. His style of teaching was fun and refreshing. He was also incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the material he taught. I would certainly recommend this Peer Support Class to anyone interested.”

Jason S.


“Peer support training with Eric was amazing. The amount of knowledge, tools, resources, and support I received increased my confidence and abilities as a BHT tenfold.”

Alyssia R.