The super speedball is fairly recent concoction that is highly addictive and very deadly. Known on the streets as speedball, powerball, or over and under, the original speed ball contained heroin, a depressant, and cocaine, a stimulant. Now the synthetic opioid, fentanyl, has been added to the mix, combining all three drugs to create the super speedball. This has resulted in many super speed ball overdose deaths and families across the nation are struggling to help their loved ones battling this addiction. However, if you suspect a loved one is super speed balling, it is critical to intervene as soon as possible. You may save their life!

Signs a Loved One is Super Speedballing

Approaching drug, alcohol or any addiction with a family member or loved one can be challenging, especially for those combining drugs. Super speed balling can cause extreme euphoria, followed by depression and agitation. Many times this causes the drug user to socially isolate. It is imperative for those suspecting super speed balling to watch for these signs as well as the following common signs of super speed balling:

  • Physical Changes: There are a variety of physical symptoms associated with the super speedball, including constricted pupils, slowed or shallow breathing, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Those that are super speedballing may also experience a change in their typical appearance and look disheveled, unwell, or malnourished due to the drug use.
  • Mood Changes: Anxiety, paranoia, and agitation are common side effects of stimulants, while depression, drowsiness, and lethargy are common side effects of depressants. Thus, extreme mood swings, such as euphoria and depression, may be experienced by people who use a super speedball. Irritability, moodiness, and erratic behavior can also result from combining these drugs.This may result in a drug user becoming isolated from others. In addition to withdrawing from friends and family, super speedball users may stop going to work or school, and become more secretive due to addiction.
  • Injection signs : Many people who use super speed balls prefer to inject it, as it gives an immediate and intense high. Needles marks or other injection-related signs, such as bleeding or scarring, may be visible if the super speedball is being injected. You should also keep an eye out for needles hidden in their home or thrown in the trash. .
  • Financial issues: Super speedball users may have financial problems because of their habit cost, and may have to sell their possessions to pay their bills. This is a common problem for addiction sufferers.
  • Overdose: There is a high risk of overdose with the super speedball, which is a combination of extremely dangerous drugs. If you suspect an overdose, immediately call 911. Super speedball overdose signs include unresponsiveness, shallow breathing, blue lips, or blue fingertips.

Super speed balling can quickly take a loved one’s life. When you suspect your loved one is using the super speedball, take a careful and compassionate approach to the situation. Support your loved one on their journey to recovery by encouraging them to seek professional help, but act as soon as you can. Keep in mind that addiction is a complex disease, and recovery takes time and effort. It is possible for them to turn their life around and live a healthy life with a bright future.

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