The use of the internet all over the world has given way for recreational drugs to be used worldwide; it’s now an issue that many countries are facing. For many legislators, taking away these substances is rapidly moving to the point where it’s out of their control. Over the years, we have witnessed drastic changes in how drugs are used and abused, along with the drugs being mixed to form a new concoction. But the big question is, why is this happening?

It All Started with Heroin

Drugs like heroin are among the most popular ones that are often mixed with other substances. Not only that, but there are also other drugs used to counter the effects of heroin. How does one use heroin? The morphine extracted from this drug reacts with acetic anhydride which then turns into diamorphone – the main drug used. This is then mixed with acid and, as a result, the drug becomes water soluble when heated. Users then injects this drug into their system resulting in a more relaxed and sedated state of being.

Heroin sold on the streets is often mixed with benzodiazepines like diazepam or temazepam and barbiturates. These drugs are added to help reduce the stress of heroin intake and once the body flushes the heroin out, drug users have induced a pseudo-epileptic fit as a side effect. Barbiturates like phenobarbitone are used to control epilepsy; this is also added to reduce the epileptic fit after heroin was taken.

Alarming New Drug Trends

Reports of drug concoctions often make headlines, but what the causes are of drug mixtures is is not often understood by many. Despite the decline of these recreational drug uses, there are reports of an increased use of cocaine among younger people. One of the many drugs reported is one called Monkey Dust, a drug that is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom. This synthetic drug concoction is somewhat related to cathinones and has similar effects to that of amphetamines and cocaine.

Monkey Dust

the growth of drug concoctionsThere are reports of a drug called Monkey Dust saying it a deadly new drug which is gaining popularity in Australia. Monkey Dust is also known as ‘bath salts’ or MDPV. This drug was first came to the market in the mid 2000s. It is a synthetic cathinone which is a New Psychoactive Substance which works chemically similar to cathinone (a mild stimulant).

Side effects of this concoction include a feeling of euphoria, increased energy, talkativeness and intense connection to music. Other side effects that are more alarming include reduced appetite, muscle tension, restlessness, and even enlarged pupils. The more harmful side effects of this drug include anxiety, paranoia and stomach pains. It is important to remember that this drug can affect everyone differently and many individuals may or may not exhibit these side effects. Other people could easily be suffering more serious side effects than expected.


Meanwhile, Russia has been reported to have cases of people using the synthetic opioid called Krokodil. This drug is a homemade concoction of desomorphine, which is a much cheaper version of heroin. Krokodil is taken from manufactured codeine. Once taken, results could cause injury as well as infections as associated with drug abuse.

In New Zealand, a legal alternative to methamphetamine emerged as a legislative change in the use of drug mixtures. One of which is the use of piperazines which is now considered legal to use in the country. As a result of this, many people are experimenting with mixtures  like ephedrine, caffeine and cocaine.


In South Africa, they are dealing with their own legislative changes and control of substance abuse. For example, the drug concoction known as Nyaope contains a mixture of low-grade heroin, antiretrovirals like nevirapine and efavirenz, and cannabis. This is now widely used in the country.

Side effects of using Nyaope include hallucinations and dissociation effects, both of which come from the antiretrovirals mixed in with the drug. Combine these side effects with the side effects of cannabis and heroin, and you have one potent drug. Since it is a mixture of drugs, many people within the poor communities are reported to be using and have been greatly affected since the drug can be sold for only 30 rand. It is highly addictive and many have resorted to crime in order to finance their drug abuse. In addition to that, the forensic science community found Nyaope to have other chemical properties, which makes it harder for them to analyze other side effects that some users exhibit while others don’t. Because of this, the drug is harder to analyze and profile as well. Check out the resources on and stay up to date on the latest drug trends and news.

Getting High

Reports show that many people take drug concoctions because they are looking for ways to achieve a more intense sense of euphoria. In the United States, the National Forensic Laboratory System found that, mixing heroin with fentanyl can deliver an intense high feeling to its users. Drug mixture declined in 2006 until 2010, but in 2011 up until 2016, a steady number of drug concoctions was reported with 65% heroin cases, all of which included fentanyl as one of the drugs being mixed with. Not only that but cocaine, benzodiazepines and other non controlled drugs were reported to have been mixed with fentanyl as well. What is even more alarming is that fentanyl is about 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times stronger than diamorphine. It doesn’t even need to be ingested, as it can be used through inhalation or skin absorption, making it more dangerous than other drugs. Not only is it dangerous to the user, but also to anyone who first responds to the victim, especially those who are in the medical field.

Take Caution at All Times

Any drug you take, concoction or not, has its consequences. It will affect everyone no matter what age or gender. Keep in mind also that drugs can affect anyone individually. Always remember that drugs do not often counteract one another and taking alcohol with drugs will only worsen the situation. We understand that some people take drugs and mix them together out of curiosity, personal reasons or peer pressure, but it is always best to stay away from this if you want to live a long healthy life. Taking proper precaution is always better than making the wrong choices.

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