Mines and Associates In Network Provider

Mines & Associates and Addiction Recovery Treatment at SRC

Scottsdale Recovery Center® is proud to announce we are now an In Network provider for both Inpatient and Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment with Mines and Associates. Similarly with numerous other medical insurance providers, Mines and Associates provides a wide array of coverage for all substance abuse disorders. Specifically, Mines and Associates policy holders can use their coverage at Scottsdale Recovery Center® for Residential Inpatient Treatment (RTC,) Partial Hospitalization (PHP,) and Intensive Out-Patient (IOP.) Mines and Associates is a business psychology insurance firm that assists people in managing any mental health problems for their members including a wide range of psychological and mental health issues, from addiction to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mines and Associates takes great pride in helping their policy holders with their mental health issues and only associate themselves with the best, most experienced and accredited health care providers, such as Scottsdale Recovery Center.

Will Mines and Associates Cover My Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Mines and Associates policy holders can now use their insurance for Inpatient and Outpatient services at Scottsdale Recovery Center. Since Scottsdale Recovery Center® is an in network provider for Mines and Associates, we have set up a relationship that helps our customers get the best drug and alcohol treatment at the best, most established and experienced rehab, Scottsdale Recovery Center. Every one of our patients get a full medical evaluation to help our clinical and therapeutic staff prescribe to you the best program. Regardless of whether you are battling with alcohol addiction, prescription drug abuse or other addictive substances, we can guarantee you get the treatment you or loved one needs. To what extent you will be in treatment has numerous variables that incorporate the type of Mines and Associates policy you have, your specific medical history and overall therapeutic needs as a policy holder. Scottsdale Recovery Center® consistently updates Mines and Associates on your behalf to guarantee consistent and accurate coverage into our drug and alcohol rehab program.

Will I Have A Copay or Coinsurance for Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Your copay or coinsurance relies upon the kind of Healthcare policy you have with Mines and Associates. Our Admissions Office will run a free insurance verification and provide you a  precise snapshot of what your minimal out of pocket costs will be before you enter one of our treatment programs for alcohol and drug abuse dependence.

Mines and Associates for Medical Detox Referral

Medical Detox is regularly a fundamental type of service covered for Mines and Associates policy holders. Scottsdale Recovery Center® does not own or operate a detox facility at the current time, we refer out to only accredited, vetted and experienced detox facilities in the Scottsdale & Phoenix area. To what extent an individual is in Medical Detox different because of an assortment of elements: Age, length of addiction, type of addiction and other factors. Every patient’s treatment plan is customized and personalized specifically for their addiction and experience they are going through. SRC’s detox referral partners provide an assortment of detox drugs and administrations to restrict negative physical and mental withdrawals during detox. Many times throughout the day the medical staff will assess you or your loved one and make sure your feeling better and healthy, and adjust any medication you may be on. A definitive objective is to end your physical dependence on addictive medications and/or alcohol. Gain more from SRC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Randy Gelow.

Mines and Associates for Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

When patients come to Scottsdale Recovery Center® for help with substance abuse issues, we understand the complexities involved when laying out a plan of attack that best serves their long-term recovery needs. A key consideration that is often overlooked by many drug rehab centers is, that young adults tend to have less bad history or pain in their recent past, resulting from their addiction/alcoholism, and thus tend to have more difficulty in wholeheartedly committing themselves to a recovery and sobriety-type lifestyle. We understand this, and know the many variables that play into this frame of thinking, and the Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment programs at Scottsdale Recovery Center® are specially designed with these realities in mind. We offer a number of affordable and highly effective inpatient rehab options that extend anywhere from 30 days to as much as 6 or even 9 months. Best of all, you can utilize your Mines and Associates Insurance to cover all the expenses.

Mines and Associates for Medically Managed Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

Most Mines and Associates policy holders will have benefits that allow for our Medically Managed Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment Program. This kind of program combines cutting edge treatment not often found in other treatment facilities. Misusing medications or alcohol over longer time periods can influence our bodies negatively and compound addiction conditions. We recommend you seek help immediately at Scottsdale Recovery Center® and you can use your Mines and Associates Insurance to cover your treatment, all of it!

Mines and Associates for Chronic Pain Treatment

All of Mines and Associate policy holders have benefits that allow you to join SRC’s Chronic Pain Recovery Program. This particular and exceptional program is intended for the individuals who have long standing interminable pain joined with dependence to addictive drugs, mostly opiates. Patients in our Chronic Pain Recovery program live nearby, for the duration of their treatment here, in our upscale and luxurious Inpatient Residential Treatment Facility. For the who don’t require a Medical Detox, starting the program will require an Medical Approval from one of our many Dr’s so we may speak with Mines and Associates for approvals and endorsements into our programs.

Mines and Associates for Outpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

Outpatient treatment comes in numerous structures. Mines and Associates policy holders have benefits for Detox, Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient programs for substance abuse disorders. Every one of these programs gives various degrees of treatment to guarantee your dependence on addictive substances like drugs and alcohol are treated in the appropriate clinical setting.

Mines and Associates for Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Addiction Treatment

For those needing a higher level of clinical care than is offered in IOP, but also desire scheduling flexibility, SRC® offers a Partial Hospitalization Program, also commonly referred to as PHP. In essence, PHP is best described as a less intensive version of traditional inpatient/residential drug rehab. In this case the patient will take part in a similar full-time addiction treatment program, however, their off hours and living situations consist of a structured sober living environment. This affords them various levels of “come-and-go” flexibility during off hours. Such arrangements are always on a case by case basis and largely contingent on how the individual is progressing in their overall treatment program, as well as their unique outside, family and work responsibilities.

Mines and Associates for Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Addiction Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is an outstanding alternative to inpatient in cases when work, school and family responsibilities prevent the patient from being able to check out of life for a period of time. For example, SRC® works very closely with a number of people throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ regions as a means for providing reputable outpatient treatment programs for their employees with substance abuse issues. This enables the individual to continue working while simultaneously receiving the necessary treatment services for their drug and/or alcohol addictions. We also deal with many similar scenarios in cases of college students or even homemakers with children to care for.

Mines and Associates Insurance and Rehab

It is critical to use your Mines and Associates insurance plan with us at Scottsdale Recovery Center® so you can get the help you need today! Scottsdale Recovery Center® has worked intimately with Mines to provide diminished rates for their policy holders, specifically for drug and alcohol detox and treatment. By doing so, both SRC® and Mines & Associates majorly decrease any out of pocket costs you may be incur seeking rehab and treatment. Our goal is to keep the financial burden off you and your family so you can focus on getting the treatment you need to get sober, for life.

Out-of-Network Rehab with Mines and Associates

Numerous treatment suppliers don’t meet Mines and Associates severe criteria to turn into an in-network supplier. Those that meet the criteria with Mines and Associates Insurance are considered to be an Out-of-Network provider. That implies that your copays or coinsurance will be a lot higher. It isn’t unprecedented to see Mines and Associates individuals required to pay half of any charges, or more. Most families can’t take on this financial burden when insurance is required the most. If you have Mines and Associates Insurance and need help getting sober Call Scottsdale Recovery Center® now and get the help you need to live a satisfying and sober life!