Adderall, the prescription medication which treats narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has become popular for its effects as a stimulant. People across our nation have developed a dependency on Adderall and it is popping up even in the world of business as a go to drug.

ADHD causes hyperactivity, short attention span, and socio-professional chaos, which for many can affect their life overall. The prescription medication Adderall was invented to help lessen the burden that ADHD brings with it and help Patients who take it gain improvement in their impulse control, focus, concentration, and attention to detail. It is these improvements experienced by legitimate Patients that makes the drug thought of as an “enhancement drug.” For those without a medical need that do take Adderall it can affect their performance by doing the following:

  • Increase energy: Seen as a major bonus to those taking the drug, increased energy and being more alert can make reaching for adderall over coffee the preferred choice for some. Adderall is often popular among students and business professionals for this reason as well. The brain on adderall can experience an increase in norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemical compounds can then in turn aid attention span. This also helps people stay awake, alert, and focused so therefore mental and physical performance is enhanced.
  • Cognitive function improvements: When using Adderall, cognitive function can improve including decision making, memory, ability to learn, and much more. For those looking to process information in large quantities, Adderall is often chosen to “help.”

All these “enhancements” sound great in some ways but there are several drawbacks for those using Adderall when not prescribed. Addiction is one of the most common ways Adderall can quickly school you instead of you using it to school, well school! It is a stimulant, and symptoms of Adderall addiction can include the following:

  • Loss of control: This is often associated with addiction and difficulty controlling use of the drug. For those that become dependent, this can mean taking more of the drug then prescribed or taking it when not prescribed. This can be its own issue that robs users of the time they could be using to naturally enhance their physical and mental performance instead to seek the drug. There is also lost time when addiction takes over and the road to recovering from the drug in the long-term, if they seek recovery.
  • Continued use of the drug can actually lead to neglect of responsibilities in worklife, school, or in home life. This can fester into relationship issues, financial devastation, and mental health issues.

There are different forms of treatment for Adderall addiction and many include support groups, individual therapy, and other medications. Scottsdale Recovery and Detox Center® has been Arizona’s premier addiction center for over a decade and we offer support in all forms to our clients, community, and those who are struggling. We are committed to helping our community and those nationwide creating a community of sober champions! If you or a loved one need support please connect with our team by visiting or call 1-888-NODRUGS.





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