Jenkem is a hallucinating drug that came into existence in the mid-1990s. It’s one of the most bizarre hard drug creation methods and most people in their wildest imaginations would never have thought such a thing exists. However, it does exist, and we’ll be uncovering the whole story behind its existence as you read further. To help you understand the entire idea of this drug, we’ll be taking a quick look at the composition of the drug. Jenkem is made up of human feces and urine that has undergone fermentation. The human wastes are collected from several sites depending on the environment and age range of the people involved. It is commonly scraped from pipes or obtained from the hinges of sewer ponds. Afterward, it is prepared in a covered or cool place for a week or less to allow for optimum fermentation. The fumes of methane gas from the Jenkem are inhaled for the mere purpose of mood changes, hallucinations, pleasure and other side effects of taking hard drugs. 

Derivation of the Term “Jenkem” 

The name Jenkem evolved from a popular glue brand known as ‘Genkem’. Sniffing of this glue was particular to children in South Africa but later became a major trend amongst several Zambians. Reports show that as far back as 1999, Jenkem was the prevailing hard drug resort for children in the streets of Lukasa, Zambia. Zambia is among the poorest countries in Africa and Children from this region were addicted to getting high and since most of them couldn’t afford other options like glue, they took the jenkem route. Jenkem’s raw materials were much more accessible to these kids and cost-free, considering the high poverty rate that prevailed in their country. This dirty hard drug also proved to be more effective than it’s other competing counterparts. A young boy in an interview with BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) news stated that the after-effects of the drug lasted for up to an hour. Jenkem was also proven to be more powerful and effective when inhaled as opposed to glue and several other similar options that existed at the time. 

According to a report made in 2002 by a non-profit organization, the Project Concern International Zambia and Fountain of Hope, Jenkem was rated as the third most famous hard drug used on the streets of Lusaka by Zambian children consisting mainly of orphans and children suffering from Aids. Other hard drugs such as Dagga (Cannabis), Glue, Balkan (Uncured Tobacco) and petrol also made the list in the report named “Rapid Assessment of Street Children in Lukasa”. 

Use of Jenkem in America




In 2007, several claims were made about this jenkem gaining popularity amongst some middle and high school students in America. It all started when a particular parent made a report to the school about her son being exposed to the knowledge of the famous Jenkem which was introduced to him by his high school peers. After further investigations into the case of the uprising drug, it was discovered that the information spread on the drug originated from a boy who made a post on a particular website known as with the username Pickwick. The boy later confessed that it was not the real Jenkem he posted and that the entire post was faked. Instead of the usual human feces and urine, he claimed to have used beer, water, flour, and Nutella. He further explained that he fully understood the implications of making such a post and promptly took down the post so that other kids would not imbibe in such a self-degrading act. 

In that same year, the use of Jenkem in America was reported by more than two news agencies. There was a report from the columnist of Washington Post, Emil Steiner, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who claimed that there were still people using Jenkem in America at the time. According to the spokesman of the DEA, the idea of jenkem drug use by Americans was undoubtedly stupid and illogical. Another spokesman of the DEA in Washington .D.C Garrison Courtney had a different perspective of the news about Jenkem drug use in America. In his statement, he affirmed that the hard drug, Jenkem was indeed rampant only in Africa judging from the several speculations and news spread.

Health Hazards Jenkem Poses

Regularly inhaling the toxic chemicals in this Jenkem mixture can result in hypoxia, which is the deprivation of the flow of oxygen to certain parts of the body. This practice is dangerous and euphoric. Jenkem made under the described circumstances according to various media reports would contain carbon monoxide(C02) and Hydrogen sulfide H2S, both of which are biologically active gases. In the 50s, C02 was used in psychedelic psychotherapy and can produce a profoundly altered state, and H2S is currently being used in experiments to induce suspended animations. This hallucinogenic inhalant made from fermented sewage is disgusting and can poison the body in ways too many to mention.

Is Jenkem a Hoax?

We don’t know if it’s real or a hoax. We think Jenkem was used in Africa, but there is next to no evidence that Jenkem use is a significant phenomenon in America, or that it can create the hallucinating effects it is said to create. This might just be the greatest hoax in history, made believable by social media. We can’t tell if people actually engaged in this gross act or not. A drug treatment center Arizona insists that jenkem is a drug addiction and they have treated two people thus far.


On a final note, the history and knowledge of Jenkem will be incomplete without considering the immediate signs and symptoms of Jenkem which consists of lower blood pressure, decrease in heart rate and lower respiratory drive. Judging from the above symptoms, the hallucinogenic properties of Jenkem are very severe and dangerous to healthy living. These symptoms are a warning that people should stay clear of the drug and avoid it. Long term effects of Jenkem are said to be much worse than the temporary effects on the human body. These long term effects include conditions such as stroke, brain damage, destruction of bone marrow and leukemia. You can also detect a few signs from people taking Jenkem by noting traits such as jittery, dilated pupils and nervous breakdown. If drug rehab in Arizona is what your seeking, contact us today! Be safe out there folks and stay sanitized. According to Arizona Addiction Recovery, The upscale rehab in Arizona, getting sober from drugs and alcohol is crucial because you could die. To put it simply, now is the time to GET SOBER !

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