Residential Program

Residential Addiction Treatment at Scottsdale Recovery Center

Residential treatment at Scottsdale Recovery Center® is comprised of daily group sessions (Sunday through Monday), each session ranging from 1-2 hours. Clients enrolled at residential treatment participate in 5.5 hours of group therapy daily and receive one 45-minute session of individual and/or family therapy weekly. Our residential treatment facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by nursing and BHT staff. Our case management staff provides ample support for any ongoing referral needs, including aftercare planning, recovery connections, legal issues, specialty appointment referrals, insurance needs, and any other identified areas of support.

Residential treatment includes a combination of the following services when clinically indicated; yoga, meditation, and/or physical activity 3-4 times per week. Case Management Services, including external referrals for Primary Care, Psychiatric Care, Community Needs, and Discharge/Aftercare Planning. Individual Therapy one time per week (45-60 minutes), Family Therapy and Family Workshop on Saturdays.

Addiction and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment, Behavioral Residential Health Facilities serving the greater Phoenix Area & Scottsdale, Arizona.

When you look at traditional Behavioral Residential Health Facilities or outpatient drug rehab centers, a very common denominator often exists, and it tends to be a one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to matters of drug addiction, chemical dependency and mental health illnesses, most treatment professionals would agree that a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment is counter-productive. And sadly, that reality is even further amplified when it comes to treating younger adults, primarily those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Scottsdale Recovery Center® is the premier Behavioral Residential Health Facilities, serving Arizona since 2009, we take all this into account when treating our clients. Effectively treating drug & alcohol addictions, or variations thereof which can often times include co-occurring mental health conditions, also referred to as Dual-Diagnosis, is a complex process that is unique to each patient. As a matter of fact, when you compare the complexities of substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment to that of other commonplace maladies, such as diabetes or high blood pressure for instance, it is astounding to see the disparity in overall success rates.

Arizona’s Leader in Effective Addiction & Dual-Diagnosis Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Scottsdale Recovery Center’s full-scope behavioral health residential facility and Inpatient recovery program (PHP) truly strives to redefine the treatment process when it comes to drugs, alcohol and dual-diagnosis issues. Utilizing advanced hybrid approaches consisting of holistic, 12-Step and non 12-Step philosophies, our ability to create total paradigm shifts within the hearts and minds of Scottsdale Recovery Center® clients (and their families) is a truly unique characteristic that few treatment centers share.

Serving the Greater Phoenix area, our Scottsdale, Arizona facilities include the following treatment services:

  • Behavioral Residential Health Facilities for men & women – Multiple focal points are offered throughout each of our Arizona locations, such as process addictions, chemical addictions, dual-diagnosis disorders, etc. Upscale, private and ultra comfortable treatment homes with modern furnishings and 24-hour medical staff along with healthy meals. Amenities vary by facility, but include: hot tubs, private rooms available, flat screen TV’s in most rooms with cable, yoga and meditation, gym and exercise daily and of course, Arizona’s most experienced and accredited therapists and counselors, on-site.
  • Intensive outpatient rehab with multiple scheduling options available – We are able to accommodate most unique circumstances and scheduling constraints.
  • Step-down outpatient treatment & private recovery support services – Provided for those seeking to further empower their new recovery foundations as they are transitioning back into life.
  • Specialty addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment programs – Scottsdale Recovery Center® also offers unique rehab services such as, luxury & executive options to allow for remote work for a limited amount of hours per week, holistic programs, LGBT friendly professionals and even a pet-friendly treatment environment.

Helping Young Adults to Truly Change Their Lives

Unlike most typical drug rehab centers or addiction treatment services, Scottsdale Recovery Center® truly focuses on an individualized treatment program for adults struggling with substance abuse related issues. Every client is treated differently according to their particular needs and situation. Our niche is relapse prevention and for a lot of our clients, Scottsdale Recovery Center® is their final rehab destination; We are the place to go when one really, truly wants to get sober and we excel in our commitment in providing the best treatment you will ever experience. Considering that this group has historically experienced higher than average rates of relapse, Scottsdale Recovery Center® utilizes a number of proactive methods that effectively counter this reality.

We essentially take things beyond traditional treatment and embark on a number of processes that serve to drastically improve the patient’s value of life, on numerous levels. From family dynamics to life goals and even building new passions within sobriety, what we do here truly works when it comes to building strong foundations in recovery and healthy, proactive living!

At Scottsdale Recovery Center® we are huge advocates of SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness and we teach this daily in our Residential Treatment Center programs. Making the Eight Dimensions of Wellness part of daily life will greatly improve mental, physical and spiritual health for all of our clients suffering from mental and/or substance use disorders.
Wellness Circles

Much more information is available on our array of addiction and mental health treatment services at 602.346.9142 and we also invite you to quickly verify your PPO health insurance benefits in order to save time and begin the admission process quickly.