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Scottsdale Recovery Center

Arizona’s Leader in Drug Rehab & Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Medical Detox & Recovery Support Services. Serving Clients Nationwide Since 2008.


With locations throughout Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Scottsdale Recovery Center has proven to be a truly effective residential addiction treatment center program, offering drug and alcohol rehab programs for both young adults (18-35) and those 35+ that create long-term platforms for success in sobriety.

75% of our clients come to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona from out of state, to get sober at our facilities.

We help people nationwide get and stay sober!



Specialized Treatment Services

Specialized Treatment Services

Scottsdale Recovery Center has gained the recognition of being Arizona’s leading drug rehab, addiction, alcoholism and dual-diagnosis facility with two specialized treatment programs: one for young adults (18-35) and the other for those 35+ focusing on long-term success in recovery.
The GOLD Standard in Care

The GOLD Standard in Care

Joint Commission Accreditation represents the foremost barometer for excellence across all levels of medical and behavioral healthcare services.  Scottsdale Recovery Center proudly meets or exceeds this gold standard for care in more ways than one!
Optimally BALANCED Recovery

Optimally BALANCED Recovery

A uniquely effective “Hybrid Approach” toward substance abuse & dual-diagnosis treatment, merging the components of luxury, clinical expertise, holistic components, life success and even affordability – the bridge to long-term success in sobriety. Contact us now!

Understand how one decision can shift the way you feel about today and the warmth of tomorrow.

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Medical Detox  •  Residential Treatment  •  Outpatient Treatment  •  Specialty Clinical Services

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Think positively, speak happiness into existence, and watch a lovely smile paint itself across your face. Stop whatever you are doing right now and take the time to reflect on how hard you are working, how far you've come, and how far you will go. #thehappynow #teamsrc ... See MoreSee Less

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After you undergo addiction treatment, what's next? Move to a new city? Move back to your hometown? the world?! Carl Towns went with the third option. 🌏

"As you take those first few steps into what you hope is a new life for you, free from those things that put you there in the first place, please remember this: the rest of your life will continue to be a journey, no matter how you look at it. Simply pack a few things and hit the road on a plane, on a train, in a car – however you choose." #travelmore #teamsrc

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Struggling with drug or alcohol addiction is not a character flaw or a sign of weakness; however, it does take a lot more than just willpower to overcome addiction. Recovery is not far out of reach, regardless of your situation. Are you ready to take the next step? 👣#sobrietytips #teamsrc

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Get ready to experience sobriety and life on a whole new level – get ready for a life totally redefined…and it all starts at Scottsdale Recovery Center!




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  •   MAY 2016

    I had been to at least 8 or 10 drug rehab centers over the past decade of my life...and you know it's bad when you can't even remember how many treatment centers you've been to!  Each time it always seemed to be a slice from the same pie, the same drab environment that made me cringe at the idea of sobriety.  It wasn't until I experienced treatment at Scottsdale Recovery Center that I really began to see a whole new side to it.  It was no longer a scary proposition, long-term recovery became a realistic and exciting prospect rather than a burden that I felt I needed to take on in order to appease my family.  It was almost 3 years that I left SRC and to this day I am filled with gratitude that cannot be quantified in mere words.  Chris, Alex, Rudy, all of you guys...YOU'RE MY HEROES!

    DANN R. RUTH Phoenix, AZ
  •   MAY 2017

    After yet another heroin overdose and another trip to the emergency room, we honestly didn't know if our son Matthew even had the capacity for any quality of sober life.  He had been to 6 residential treatment centers before the age of 25 and now, at 27 years old it just seemed as hopeless as could be.  We found SRC by mistake of all things, through a fiend of a friend, and all I can think is how unbelievably lucky we all were!  Matthew is now 29 and has almost 2 years sober; and he's even in school to become a certified drug & alcohol counselor.  I am just stunned!  I don't what they do here or why the results are so different than anywhere else he was, but at this point I don't care, all I care about is the fact that our family is together and healthy and loving.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    REBECCA SIMPSON Scottsdale, AZ
  •   SEPT 2017

    I specialize in private sober/recovery coaching, intervention and therapy with younger men & women, usually in their teens, 20's and 30's.  After having seen so many other inpatient facilities fail miserably at specifically helping this age group with overcoming substance abuse issues, Scottsdale Recovery has been able to consistently shatter this reality.  I have personally referred 6 clients to SRC over the past 2 years, all of whom were chronic relapsers, and I am truly astounded at the results.  Of those 6 clients, 5 are sober and prospering today, and anyone familiar with the world of addiction treatment will tell you that 5 out of 6 is far outside and beyond the scope of normal.  I am truly impressed with their methods.


Scottsdale Recovery Center

Arizona’s Leader in Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Medical Detox & Recovery Support Services
  • Full-scope substance abuse recovery programs for both young adults (18-35) and those 35+
  • An integrative treatment approach that incorporates life achievement & coaching components for improved long-term success in recovery (and life)
  • Utilizing a superior hybrid approach drug rehab model entailing a broad scope of targeted modalities that consistently exceed the behavioral health industry success standards
  • A program where long-term success in sobriety AND life is the norm, and where happiness, passion, consistency and contentment are the barometers
  • An acclaimed recovery environment that merges upscale & luxury-type  accommodations with affordability, clinical expertise and an unwavering commitment to patient care and aftercare
  • Enhanced relapse prevention approaches specifically geared for the unique needs of younger adults
  • Providing “The Gold Standard in Care” with Joint Commission Accreditation!
  • Private PPO health insurance accepted and which can often cover upwards of 80 to 100 percent of drug rehab treatment costs!

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