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Scottsdale Recovery Center receives quite a bit of press from local and national media due to our extensive expertise on addiction & recovery treatment and rehab in Arizona. We’re very proud to be Arizona’s leader in addiction resources and Substance Abuse Treatment. If you’re a member of the press and would like to contact us for a story or a comment, please use our Contact Us page and let us know how we can be of assistance. Below are articles featured on local and national news outlets:

Suicides, overdoses are up amid COVID-19 pandemic, according to health experts
‘Sick and tired’ of quarantine? You’re not the only one
Another group that COVID-19 has impacted: People with addiction trying to get or stay sober
Resources for vulnerable groups shift online amid coronavirus outbreak
Tips to quell anxiety and stress amid the coronavirus outbreak
Addiction treatment during the pandemic.
6 Tips to Lead a Drug-Free Lifestyle
Keep Anxiety and Stress at Bay During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Managing Anxiety and Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Arizona Drug Addiction Facility Now in Network With Blue Cross Blue Shield
Amy Samuel-Meda of Scottsdale Recovery Center on Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

Scottsdale Recovery Center Expands Addiction Services With Opening of Starfire Location

Scottsdale Recovery Center founder Chris Cohn was recently interviewed for The Arizona Republic, where he discussed why he founded Scottsdale Recovery Center and what sets SRC apart from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

Every addict has a story. This one started a recovery center and rewrote his…Owner Chris Cohn and his passion for helping people get sober:

Scottsdale Recovery Center Announces Native American Addiction Program

Sara Combs, a nurse at Scottsdale Recovery Center, shared her story of her son’s drug addiction on the coat-tails of the recent death of Tyler Skaggs.

SRS Facilitates the $5.4M Purchase of Gold Dust Corporate Center on Behalf of Scottsdale Recovery Center

Scottsdale Recovery Center Becomes an In-Network Provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield

New partnership allows cost-effective access to high quality addiction recovery treatment.

Scottsdale Recovery Center Announces the New Lifetime Therapy Program for Lifetime Addiction Recovery

Arizona Rehabilitation Center Creates a first-of-its-kind program
Scottsdale Recovery Center Discussing GOOFBALL Drug on KAET
Fighting addiction can be a painful experience, both physically and mentally, but a Scottsdale-based addiction center has found a new, unique tool to help their clients in the difficult process.
Valley Expert Explains Possibilities for Jump in Women’s Overdose Deaths

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Having suffered through substance abuse addiction and coming out the other side as a changed person, I understand the affects addiction can have on a family. This is why I opened Scottsdale Recovery Center over 10 years ago. I wanted to help other alcoholics and addicts find a life worth living. Drug and alcohol addiction can be a love affair that exceeds even the love of a family member, friends or oneself.
Phoenix area fentanyl overdose survivor speaks on getting clean
Combating Opioid Addiction In Native American Communities A Challenge.

Genesis Life Float With Quantum Life Floating Mineral Pods

Created and Founded in China, Certified by NASA For Scottsdale Recovery Center.
Celebrities help drive rise in Arizona rehab tourism.
Scottsdale Recovery Center | Parker’s Fox 10 News Interview on Fentanyl
Scottsdale Recovery Center For Addiction Offering Scholarships To LA Fire Victims
How to stay sober during the holidays
Scottsdale Recovery Center recently launched its Lifetime Therapy, designed to be an affordable addiction aftercare program for clients to receive continual treatment for life.
Scottsdale Recovery Center founder Chris Cohn speaks about the latest scientific research on the effects of “microdosing” to increase productivity.
Scottsdale Recovery Center has been featured in the Scottsdale Health Magazine August issue for an article about self-care tips to prevent depression.
Former addict Kevin Loughran talks About Demi Lovato’s relapse and the struggle with addiction with ABC 15 Arizona.
Meet Christopher Cohn of Scottsdale Recovery Center
Lakeview Health Podcast: Scottsdale Recovery Center
Watch this inspiring segment featuring former addict Kevin Loughran who now works at Scottsdale Recovery Center on learning from relapse and giving back. ABC News 15 features his interview and the ongoing coverage of Demi Lovato’s overdose.
Listen to one former addict’s story about struggling with addiction, and SRC’s Lisa Moody’s experience with other clients whose struggle is similar to Lovato’s during the ABC 15 news segment.
SRC’s Clinical Director Lisa Moody discusses the ongoing struggle with addiction recovery with Fox 10 news.
Watch Fox 10’s news segment with Scottsdale Recovery Center’s Clinical Director Lisa Moody discussing addiction relapse and how addiction doesn’t discriminate after the Demi Lovato overdose incident.
Scottsdale Recovery Center was highlighted in this article about Demi Lovato’s overdose.
AZ Big Media has featured Scottsdale Recovery Center in an article about the benefits of yoga helping recovering addict.
Why Suicide Rates Are Rising in the U.S.
Depression and Summertime Puts Young Adults at Greater Risk
Chris Cohn, owner of Scottsdale Recovery Center, has tips for coping with a breakup and how to take care of your mental health.
Scottsdale Recovery Center Opens New High-Intensity Residential Inpatient Treatment Center
Chris Cohn, founder and owner of Scottsdale Recovery Center, was recently featured on Money Radio’s “Business Leader Spotlight”.
The AZ Business Magazine March/April issue with David Larimer’s interview, “Can Therapy Make You A Better Business Leader?”
Scottsdale Recovery Center’s founder Chris Cohn featured in AZ Foothills Magazine in the Trendsetters Section
Scottsdale Recovery Center has been featured in the Scottsdale Health Magazine July issue for an article about navigating sober dating.
The AZ Business Magazine March/April issue with David Larimer’s interview, “Can Therapy Make You A Better Business Leader?”
Scottsdale Recovery Center’s program director David Larimer was recently featured in a KTAR News article on drug use in the workplace.
Scottsdale Recovery Center was graciously given the title of Arizona’s Addiction & Treatment Experts by Fox News at 10.
Fox 10 Opioid Special Session
Arizona Daily Mix
Channel 15 Opioid Crisis
Scottsdale Recovery Center is thrilled to be a large part of the recovery community in Arizona and across the United States and is always looking for ways to promote sobriety and recovery.
Scottsdale Recovery Center hosted a fair for September National Recovery Month. The Mayor of Scottsdale, Jim Lane, spoke about being a supporter of SRC and of recovery in general.
Don’t Drug and Drive! Scottsdale Recovery Center’s PD David Larimer talks about the dangers of drugged driving.
Scottsdale Recovery Center is Arizona’s source for prevention, education and treatment in the fight against opioid/ opiate abuse and other substance abuse disorders.
Rudy Montijo, former client and advocate of Scottsdale Recovery Center, and SRC’s Program Director David Larimer being interviewed at Scottsdale Recovery Center regarding President Trumps declaration for a public health opiate/opioid emergency.
Latest appearance on Fox 10 News where one of our clients was showcased discussing the opioid epidemic
We talk about getting into shape physically.. but what about your mental state? David Larimer from Scottsdale Recovery Center provides tips on how we can focus on our mental health in 2018.
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