Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

SRC® provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) education and services to all clients if medically and clinically appropriate. Our medical and psychiatric providers are trained on all MAT medications and is offered as a part of a holistic treatment to promote abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and other substances of abuse. Our MAT Program consists of a collaborative approach of medical, psychiatric, and clinical treatment teams utilizing FDA approved medications in conjunction with evidence-based practices to treat substance abuse and promote abstinence and long-term recovery.

Per SAMHSA, Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) relies on the use of pharmacological medications to treat substance use disorders. Neurobiological changes that may occur in people in detoxification from substances can increase the risk of relapse. MAT can help prevent relapse and facilitate longer periods of abstinence when used with integrated treatment plans that take other health considerations into account.

Medical and psychiatric providers make a concerted effort to educate clients on the benefits of MAT and provide education and support. SRC® provides MAT specific education where clients can ask questions of providers as well as hear from our past clients and Alumni of what their experience has been on MAT and how it impacted their recovery. We believe that real life experiences shared, and candid conversations provide the necessary resources for our clients will help support and empower our clients to make sound, well thought out decisions about their own recovery.

SRC® always promotes abstinence, and the medical community views MAT as abstinence-based recovery. Each client’s treatment plan is individualized, and we must meet clients where they are at especially when alternatives are necessary and vital for sustained recovery. SRC® will continue to assist clients after treatment in coordinating and continuing MAT services through our Continuity Care Clinic.

All MAT services are under the expertise and guidance of our Medical Director, Randy Gelow, MD, certified in addiction medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine