Spring holidays are in full swing and with April approaching, Easter is just a hop-skip away! For many, the holidays are filled with great memories, family, and friends with trips to see the Easter bunny with the kids and fun family events! For those that have had addiction troubles though, the holidays can be a time of struggle. Increased stress, social pressure, family gatherings, and lots of temptations can really make the holidays, even the Easter holiday, feel overwhelming. However, with the right mindset and support, it is possible to make it through Easter festivities without relapsing.

Plan ahead

A great way to stay ahead of possible triggers or temptations to use drugs is to plan ahead of time. This can help you avoid events that aren’t in alignment with your sober lifestyle or can help you mentally prepare for events that do have alcohol or those around that use substances. It is always a good idea to try to do things that don’t have old vices available. Avoid the places that you already know history will repeat itself. You do not have to go out to bars, clubs, or attend Easter gatherings where drugs and alcohol are present – period. This is your choice and so is your Easter crew! They say you are who you hang out with so choose wisely and stick to healthy activities.

Embrace your inner child

Take your kids out Easter egg hunts or throw your own family event where you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available. Another benefit of throwing your own Easter bash is the invitation list … you are in charge of it and can stick to a guest list that is like-minded. Invite those who support your sobriety and steer clear of those who try to enable you to fall back into addiction. Health boundaries are necessary to keep yourself healthy and this should be a time of celebration and not stumbling into an unwanted hangover!

The great outdoors

The great outdoors can be a great break from holiday stress and can help you manage it. Engaging in exercise outdoors like hiking, biking or even walking in the sunshine can help you stay relaxed and release serotonin. This can promote relaxation so it’s a good way to go on days when you are feeling anxiety or even depressed.

Self-love is Selfless

When in doubt, self-love is always a good idea. Yoga and meditation can also help and we say grab that yoga mat and get outdoors as the beautiful Arizona spring weather beams into full effect! If there is a time you feel like you might relapse back into drinking or drugs, get support! You do not have to go at temptations alone and talking with your support system can help you put your sobriety back into perspective.

With the right mindset and support, you can enjoy a health and sober Easter that keeps you on your recovery path!

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