National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is April 22, 2023! This day was established to provide access to people looking to dispose of prescription drugs in a safe and simple manner. Part of the day is used to provide education to communities about prescription drug abuse and raise awareness about the importance of drug disposal.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day first happened in the United States on September 25, 2010. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) organized the event to be held bi-annually and it continues to be observed by organizations to this day. One of the goals
of the day is to prevent intentional prescription drug abuse or misuse by accident. Another positive impact of the day benefits the environment from improper disposal which can cause harm. People have grown to understand how National Prescription Drug Take Back Day really benefits us all as a nation and it has since grown in popularity. Millions of pounds of prescription drugs have been collected and in times of opioid crisis and overdose, it is important to spread awareness about the day and equally important to educate communities about how to properly dispose of prescriptions on any day.

Here are some ways for communities to safely dispose of prescription drugs:

  • Take-back programs: A lot of medical organizations have take-back programs. Law enforcement, pharmacies, and hospitals often serve the public for safe disposal.
  • Follow the instructions: All prescriptions come with directions on how to take them and also on how to dispose of them. Disposal instructions can include disposing of prescriptions in the trash, returning the drugs to where they were received from or flushing them down the sink / toilet.
  • Not all prescriptions can be flushed or put down the sink as they can contaminate water so it is crucial to read the label on disposal.
  • Prevent accidental use: Securing your medications means storing them in a place where they are not accessible to anyone but you or your caregiver. This can also prevent illegal drug use.

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