Let’s take a look at the Top 10 (Sober Friendly) Romantic Valentine’s Day Activities In Sedona. Time to take on the breathtaking Sedona, Arizona for your Valentine’s Day! We have our top ten picks of romantic Valentine’s Day activities for this truly romantic destination. Expect stunning beauty and amazing views of red rock formations all within a peaceful atmosphere. The area, known for epic hiking trails, offers mesmerizing views of iconic landmarks! So pull out those hiking boots, pack up your picnic gear, and let’s get into those romantic Sedona getaways.

First off, the town of Sedona, is full of natural beauty and urban living that includes galleries, restaurants, shops, and events that offer unique and artsy experiences. It’s the perfect combo of cultural offerings and landscapes to meet you and your partner’s tastes! Reconnect, explore, and create a lasting Valentine’s Day in Sedona. It is a day trip away from Phoenix, about 120 miles north of Phoenix, and the trip takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes by car. The drive itself can be part of the memory making alone as you see the landscape transform from the desert to the lush greenery and the red rock formations of Sedona.

  1. Cruise the Red Rock scenic byway: Hearts will melt as you and your sweetie cruise through beautiful red rock formations. This scenic drive offers stunning views of Sedona’s famous red rocks and natural beauty, making it a perfect romantic activity to enjoy and our number one activity to do in Sedona for Valentine’s Day.
  2. Up, up, and away! Take a hot air balloon ride over Sedona for the most breathtaking views! A hot air balloon ride with your Partner is not only romantic but being sky high is sure to create a memorable experience!
  3. Valentine’s Day and spa day go hand in hand! Check out Sedona’s luxury spa resorts for you and yours truly! Enjoy a massage, sauna, or spa together. Sedona’s luxury spa resorts are the perfect go to for some romance, rest, and relaxation. Unplug and unwind with your loved one while enjoying each other’s company.
  4. Crescent Moon Ranch is a must! It is the perfect place to pack a romantic picnic lunch and enjoy the red rock views of iconic Cathedral Rock. Chill and enjoy this lovely space for the day!
  5. Picnic and then get your sweat on with your sweetheart! Hike Cathedral Rock or Bell Rock: This is a must do if you are doing Sedona! These are two of Sedona’s most iconic landmarks and is a great way to take on a new experience that will encourage working together and contentment when you get to those views!
  6. Stargazing at Sedona International Dark Sky Sanctuary is pure bliss! Bring your honey and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the night sky of Sedona. This one is a memory maker for sure!
  7. For our art lovers … Sedona Art Center is the perfect spot to visit in Sedona. Art, culture, and your love are all wrapped up in one! Check out the masterpieces and have meaningful conversations with your loved one.
  8. Tandem biking is so fun and if your partner likes being active, this is the perfect Sedona activity. Take a fun ride through the Sedona Red Rock Trail that is wrapped up in views for days!
  9. Visit the Palatki Heritage Site! This is more Sedona fun for our explorer couples out there! You will be checking out the ruins of the ancient Puebloan village and learn about the history of the area together at Palatki Heritage Site.
  10. Last but not least, jeep please!!! Take a jeep tour with your partner through the Sedona wilderness. You will not only have an experience but will learn about the history and geology of the area together.

Ready to check out Sedona?! We are! Looking for more to do? Be sure to visit the local event calendars and websites for more romantic activities that align with your interests, personality, and relationship. Sedona has so many active adventures that align with healthy living! Whatever you decide to do, have fun and enjoy the day with your loved one!

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