St. Patrick’s Day is here and for many it marks a day of celebration with all sorts of green alcohol flowing. Like most holidays, this may be problematic for those of us trying to  stay in the sober lane! Here are a few tips to help you get through the day (and night) while having fun but staying in your sober zone!

Plan, plan, and then plan again! 

Yup, the planner often wins here because they know what they are doing ahead of time and are not left to the day’s whims or others … Figure out how you want to spend the day, where you will be, and who you want to hang with. If some of your crew is drinking or all of them, try to bring someone else along that is on the same journey as you, this way you can buddy up and say naaa to the oozing green booze! 

Nah, I’m good. No thanks! 

Get mentally ready for the day and rehearse your “NO thanks!” We know it can sound corny, but even a few mental rehearsals of saying no, visualizing the scenario or even yourself the next day waking up with no hangover can actually come back to mind when you are presented with the real life question of do you want a beer? Get mentally tough and stick to your healthy lifestyle. 

Did we mention a plan? Lol! 

Plan the following day out, (post holiday), in advance! Why you ask? Because knowing that you made plans to hit your favorite gym class early the next day and grab breakfast with a friend might just help keep you on the straight and narrow. You’ll want to feel up for the plans you committed too and that will come to mind that you have things set up that depend on you choosing sober! 

Lastly, know that you do not have to drink! No matter what holiday or occasion it is, stay true to you! You got this!

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