Substance abuse disorder is a complex disease that requires immediate and focused medical attention. Due to the complexity of this disorder, treatment is often carried out using a series of methods including medications and various therapies like outdoor therapy. It is the culmination of all these treatment approaches that ultimately reap the benefits where a patient achieves long-term sobriety. However, the treatment for this disorder was once limited to medications and psychotherapy only which left the medical professionals with fewer options to experiment and help the patients with.

Considering numerous researches, backed by authentic results, the addiction treatment has now advanced to the next level. Various studies have tested conventional ways of treatment approaches that are deemed effective in treating substance abuse disorder. This includes holistic methods such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc., and even outdoor therapies where patients are tried outdoor adventures to help them outweigh the negative feelings. These therapies are effective and can reconstruct the brain to trigger happy emotions and induce a personality change that is effective in the fight against addiction.

What is Outdoor Therapy?

Us humans share a special connection with nature and it is all ingrained deep into our minds. Spending even a small amount of time outdoors can lead to a burst of positive emotions and provide a sense of self-appreciation. Although exploring nature is underrated, and people don’t realize the value of having fresh air running through the hair, letting the face feel the warmth of the sun, or listening to the soothing ripples in a nearby stream. All this can only be experienced once someone is up for exploring nature.

Based on this, and considering the positive impact of outdoor ventures on our mind and body, researchers came up with outdoor therapy where the prime objective is to make patients face the nature, and let the latter do its job. Numerous rehabilitation facilities and treatment centers have discovered the importance of wilderness therapy in the lives of those battling addiction. The reason why most of the rehab centers now include outdoor therapy as a conventional treatment approach aside from the standard ones.

Outdoor therapy includes various activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, etc. All the outdoor ventures are led by professionals who know exactly what activity suits your profile. The therapy is designed to be effective for both experienced outdoor-ers and those who don’t take part in outdoor activities much. A professional is always there to offer a guided help, and you can also spend time at a scenic setting all by yourself. Outdoor therapy builds confidence and induces a feeling of self-appreciation, both of which are crucial in recovery.

Places in Arizona For Outdoor Therapy

The first step to recovery is the willingness to accept and proceed with whatever it takes to come out of addiction. Once you have that mentality, there is probably nothing that can stop you from achieving long-term sobriety. If you live in Arizona and plans to go for an outdoor venture just to calm your mind and take some time off from the standard addiction treatment routine, you have got to try these places which are more than amazing to soothe your mind.

Hiking in Cathedral Rock Trail

Seeking the serenity that is long due in your life? Then you must try this moderately difficult trail that is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Sedona, Arizona. Due to the complexity of the trail, this stands suitable for young people who can handle the difficulties the trail has to offer. Once you can reach the top of the trail, be ready to get mesmerized with the authentic natural beauty. It’s famous for the scenic views it offers, especially the sunset. You don’t want to miss that.

Camping at Cave Springs Campground

If you are a fan of camping, and driving away from all the horns and traffic is your thing, then this campground might just be the outdoor therapy for you! Come here alone, or take your family along for a long due camping adventure. Either way, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience that will ease your mind. Located well off the road, this campground is surrounded by densely forested land which offers nothing but peace and serenity. Tree shade during summer and scattered sunlight during spring make camping a great experience.

River Rafting at Colorado Whitewater

There’s no better way to experience the Grand Canyon except floating through them. Yes, you can opt for river rafting at Colorado whitewater which will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. In this full-day expedition, expect to be enthralled by the beauty of Painted Desert, Sonoran Desert, historic Cameron Navajo Trading Post, and San Francisco Volcanic Field. The stunning view through the trip is unmatchable.

Zip Lining

If you want your outdoor therapy to keep the adrenaline rushing through your veins, zip lining is a perfect choice. Make your way through the ropes course from high in the trees or even zip down a steel rope from one tree to the other, this adventurous activity won’t let the rush to stop.

Jeep Tour at Arizona

Get off the streets, and head straight to the mountains because that’s where you can explore the mountain trails of Arizona. Book a jeep tour with any company (there are many) in Sedona, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Hop in the back of the jeep with your friends or even strangers, and the guide will take you on a breathtaking outdoor expedition along the windy dirty trails of Arizona.


Oak Creek Canyon offers the best place to test your fishing skills. Although this activity might not drive the rush in every individual, it can be extremely tempting for many. The wait, the patience, and the happiness after succeeding is a different feeling altogether. You can catch Brown Trout, Rock Bass, Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, and others.


Arizona is home to exclusive spots that are beneficial for patients in recovery by providing them the mental aid required. The wide range of activities involved in outdoor therapy can provide help to the addicts by building a sense of confidence and self-appreciation. It is also crucial for skill development and inducing a leadership and problem-solving instinct in the individuals.

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