Drug use is often seen as a fun and exciting experience. People don’t realize that there are long-term repercussions that can come with drug use when it comes to their sex life. Many drug users are only worried about the euphoria they experience when they have sex under the influence. It’s important to know that drug abuse can affect your sex life now and for years to come. Below is a guide that details the many ways drug abuse in Arizona can detrimentally affect your sex life.

You Are More Likely to Catch an STD

When you are high, you don’t typically think as clearly as you do when you are sober. This means that when you are under the influence, you’ll be more likely to act on your primal urges and end up having sex without protection.

Many drug abusers contract diseases by sharing needles or having unprotected sex. They often show little to no signs of disease. Also, when people are high, they often don’t take the time to look for lesions, sores or rashes. Many of the diseases that are passed throughout the drug community will not go away on their own. Some of the diseases can damage reproductive organs if they are left untreated and could lead to infertility in women.

You Are More Likely to Create a Baby

When you are high, drugs often create heightened sensitivity. This makes many sexual experiences seem even better than when someone is sober. Not using condoms or not noticing when a condom breaks is very common. This often leads to unexpected pregnancies.

Also, when someone is high, they typically don’t adhere to a schedule as much as they would when they were sober. Many women who abuse drugs end up becoming pregnant because they don’t take their birth control the way they are supposed to take it. Missing doses or taking the pill at random times of the day can make it far less effective.

You Are More Likely to Be Raped

Rape is very common within the drug community. People often get so high that they cannot protect themselves from an assailant. It’s common for someone to completely pass out and wake up with their clothes disheveled, with no recollection of what happened. Rape can affect you for the rest of your life because it can hamper your ability to feel comfortable with anyone again.

If you wake up and think there is a chance you may have been raped go to the hospital right away. There are testing kits that can determine if you were raped. The doctors may be able to get samples of DNA for the person who raped you so you can press charges on them. You will also have access to medications that can keep you from becoming pregnant from the experience. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to determining if you were raped or not.

You May Have A Harder Time Being Aroused

When you are under the influence of certain drugs, your body becomes hypersensitive. Everything feels great to you and it takes very little to get you in the mood. Your body eventually gets used to the way it feels to have sex when you’re high. When you try to have sex when you’re sober it’ll be harder to get aroused because your body won’t be as sensitive.

Because your sensitivity is so heightened when you are high, your stamina often is not as good as it is when you are sober. This can be embarrassing for some people and can sometimes make it difficult to have a healthy sexual relationship with someone. On the other hand, when you have sex when you’re sober, you may not be able to climax for a very long time, which could also be a problem for your lover.

You May Feel More Self-Conscious

Drugs often make you feel really good about yourself. Many drug users develop a false interpretation of their appearance and thus become very comfortable with their body and their looks. When they stop using drugs, it’s very common for people to become very self-conscious about their appearance.

When people feel self-conscious its often more difficult for them to let their guard down. Building intimate relationships is often more difficult because they constantly worry about what they look like.

You May Injure Yourself

A huge risk that comes with sex while you are high is the likelihood of becoming injured during the act. When you are under the influence, your tolerance for pain is often much higher than it is when you are sober. This means that you could push your body beyond its limits and actually become injured during sex.

There are many different ways that you could be injured during sex. During sex, there are times when the vagina doesn’t stay well lubricated. If you are high and can’t feel the lack of lubrication, vaginal earing can occur. This can be very painful but will heal over time.

For men, penile fractures are common during inebriated sexual relations. When you are under the influence, you’re more likely to be adventurous with the positions you try during sex. Some positions can place the penis in awkward angles which can lead to it bending when it shouldn’t. When this happens, you need to go to the emergency room right away. You’ll need to have surgery done to repair any damaged tissue.

Having sex while intoxicated can be dangerous when you are actually having sex and for years to come. If you want to quit using, go to a professional treatment facility to get the help you need. Not only can you get help for your addiction, but you can also get screened for sexually transmitted diseases and get counseling to help you better cope with things that happened when you were in active addiction. Being able to openly and honestly talk about your experiences without fear of judgment can make it easier to get your life back on track.
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