Teen drug use and substance abuse is all too common. For those that struggle with substance addiction and disorders, many of them start using in their teen years. Their young lives are riddled with chaos as addiction takes over. Loss of hope and future lurks in as those using fall deeper and deeper into the black hole of addiction. Schools have implemented programs like D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) for years but what about help for those young teens already grasped by addiction? When teens “experimenting” with drugs find themselves addicted, new school programs are looking to step in and help them through.

In an attempt to battle the rise in teen drug abuse and addiction, some school districts across the country are implementing recovery high schools, helping teens that are struggling with addiction. At schools offering these recovery programs, students are not just provided with education but a path out of addiction, with teachers getting extensive education in trauma and addiction counseling. Beyond that, some of the staff also have personal experiences with addiction and recovery, adding to their understanding for the students. The recovery high schools also look to educate families as they note addiction is really a family disease and can affect a family in its entirety.

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we too understand that family plays a major role for a person struggling with substance abuse. We offer Family Workshops weekly for loved ones to attend and learn through a comprehensive and interactive education series. Some of the topics include boundaries, relapse prevention, and recovery from the impact of a loved one’s addiction. For teens, this can be especially helpful as a resource to get all involved early and hopefully see them living in sobriety sooner than later.

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