As the temperatures rise, another beautiful Arizona summer awaits us, filled with sunshine, fun, and plenty of gathering opportunities. However, staying sober can be especially challenging during the summer. Day drinking the long days away or using drugs is harder to resist when the weather is warm and there are many opportunities to use substances as the summer festivities begin. Those in recovery often find themselves attending social gatherings, such as barbecues, pool parties, and summer concerts, all of which have plenty of temptations readily available. So how does one keep to their sobriety as the weather heats up?

Plan Ahead (as always): Planning ahead is one of the most important things a person in recovery can do during the summer and this includes planning to stay committed to sobriety. If you have nothing planned, you are more likely to go for that beer or use drugs in the moment, Afterall idle hands are the devil’s playground. Instead, make a list of activities you can do without drinking or using drugs, and commit to doing those instead of activities that involve drinking or access to drugs. For example, you can go hiking, play sports or eat out with friends. If you do choose to attend a social gathering where alcohol and drugs are around – have a backup plan in place! This can mean bringing your own non-alcoholic beverages or driving yourself if you need to escape temptations.

Self-love is Selfless: If you follow SRC and read out content, you see this theme across our messaging. Self-love is selfless. People in recovery should also remember to take care of themselves in the summer and of course at every time of the year. Recovery is a constant process. Staying well rested and eating healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day can keep cravings at bay. Another important component of wellbeing is exercise. Why not cool off with a swim or go for a walk to get your heart pumping. This can also help relieve depression or anxiety and get your mind off of stressful situations or emotions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Goodbye: Take this in a couple ways, don’t be afraid to say goodbye to the party and leave early – while also keeping in mind, being in recovery might mean you need to say goodbye to old, toxic relationships. Leave the party early if you see things getting out of control – and kick toxic people to the curb.

Support, Support, Support: Those in recovery should have a strong support system. A great source of strength and comfort can be found in reaching out to friends and family members who are aware of your recovery journey. Let them know you want to stay sober this summer. Having a sober tribe around only benefits you to share experiences and receive encouragement in a judgment-free environment. If you do find yourself in an environment where there is judgment and peer pressure to abuse substances, leave. You owe it to yourself to maintain your sobriety and show yourself the self respect you deserve. You’ve come so far and this summer will be so much better if you embrace sober living! Now get to it and plan out that sober summer in the sunshine!

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