Scottsdale Recovery Center® is now in network with BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield). Most private substance abuse treatment facilities have faced many challenges in building partnerships with insurance companies.


However, we are now glad to inform you that our facility is partnered to BCBS and accepting individuals who are members of the large provider.


As you may know, Blue Cross Blue Shield is a health insurance service provider. The main types of insurance coverage offered by BCBS are HMO and PPO. On top of HMO and PPO based insurance plans, BCBS offers several tiers of coverage. The four different tiers of insurance coverage include a bronze, a silver, gold or a platinum plan.

What is an HMO?

BCBS’s HMO health care plan stands for Health Maintenance Organization. The HMO plan prefers members to stay in network with BCBS when getting care. For a health care provider to be ‘in network’, he or she must be contracted with BCBS in order to provide any services at rates that are discounted. All treatment facilities must meet BCBS’s stringent program requirements and bi-laws in order to become an In-Network Provider, including advanced quality of care criteria that ensures the best treatment possible. Scottsdale Recovery Center® has met all expectations and requirements to fall within this category!

Basically, with an HMO, individuals must see a provider that is ‘in network’ to receive services covered by their insurance plan. Another thing is that an HMO is a network that’s often within a certain geographic area. The geographical area covered by HMO plans is generally local.

When part of an HMO plan, an individual often needs to get a referral from their primary doctor in order to receive specialty services. In other words, in order to receive treatment services, an individual will need to see his or her primary care provider or PCP for a referral before moving forward.

What is a PPO?

Another of the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s insurance plans is a PPO. A PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization. This type of plan is known to be flexible in the way that it provides members with the ability to receive ‘Out of Network’ care and health services.

The flip side to a PPO is that the services a person receives are generally covered at a lower percentage. Being covered at a lower percentage means that a person will likely need to pay more to get the care that is ‘Out of Network.’ Scottsdale Recovery Center® believes in helping people get sober while ensuring the least possible financial expense to our clients and their families. That’s one of the reasons we our now In Network with BCBS!

With a PPO plan, individuals do not need to get a referral from their primary doctor if they wish to receive specialty health services. Specialty health services can include medical care, mental health care, and behavioral health services. An important thing to note: the term behavioral health includes services such as mental health and substance abuse issues.


BCBS Outpatient Coverage

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, our intensive outpatient program is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans. Intensive outpatient treatment is an important part of an individual’s success in recovery.

Now you may utilize your HMO or PPO for our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Programs.

During outpatient care, those who struggle with addiction will learn valuable skills necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. A few of the skills needed to succeed in living a drug and alcohol-free life often include:

  • Coping mechanisms
  • Communication skills
  • Stress-reduction
  • Identifying and defusing triggers
  • Responsible decision making
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Managing drug cravings

Outpatient treatment services have many benefits and are proven to be a valuable form of drug and alcohol rehab for countless people. Substance abuse treatment with outpatient services is often used as a stand-alone program or as a continuum of care for recovery.

Typically, outpatient programs are known to be a more affordable and realistic option for those in need of help with addiction. Not to mention, outpatient treatment provides individuals with applicable addiction education, effective life-skills and a community of support needed for an individual’s whole recovery.

Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the most well-known and utilized health insurance providers in the United States. When it comes to insurance covering substance abuse treatment services, BCBS can be highly beneficial.


scottsdale recovery in network bcbsAlthough BCBS provides well-rounded care to its members, the degree of coverage for specific services will depend on the plan. The main question people ask when searching for substance abuse treatment is if it is covered by insurance. With that being said, the type of addiction treatment coverage your eligible for will vary.


Fortunately, here at Scottsdale Recovery Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance provides coverage for intensive outpatient or regular outpatient treatment. If you are looking for alcohol or drug addiction treatment services and have insurance through BCBS, contact us for support.

Without a doubt, understanding how your insurance plan works is not easy. It’s also uncommon for someone to have a complete grasp on the amount of coverage they’ll get when seeking addiction treatment. Scottsdale Recovery Center® will be able to assist you in the process of getting an overall better grip on what your insurance plan will cover and what it will not.



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