We are in an age of glamor – social media has opened up a beautiful new world of possibilities, and daily life can be documented in a series of selfies and photo-ops. Destination vacations are en vogue in a way that they’ve never been before, but there have been some unexpected effects: the rise of destination rehab. With eye-catching surroundings, luxe rooms and fun offerings for therapy, the rehab industry has transformed into a competition for best vacation. This has a definite benefit: making rehab look like a great time can be used to entice and influence people living with addiction to take a vacation, something that appeals to anyone. There is also more competition for facilities to offer the best of the best, including the best of post-rehab care services. Destination rehab facilities often offer the best of everything: wonderous surroundings, separation from the physical location of your drug use, delicious food, and fun. While any place has the potential to heal, Arizona offers the cream of the crop. Whatever your preferred type of leisure, Arizona has something for any addicted person seeking a place to heal that looks like a dream.

What else is great about choosing Arizona as your rehab destination? Pools. Swimming pools are everywhere. If your healing exercises include a nice, brisk swim to get the blood flowing, you’re in luck in most any rehab facility in Arizona. And swimming isn’t the only therapy that’s perfect to get you started on your journey to lifelong sobriety: with so many world-class amenities, it’s amazing that there aren’t even more opportunities for healing.


destination rehabThe desert southwest of the United States is world-renown for its beauty and uniqueness. The Grand Canyon is in the state of Arizona, and attracts around five million people each year, making it one of the most sought-after natural wonders of the world. This brilliant natural park offers iconic views that include a plethora of desert southwest flora and fauna. The Grand Canyon is a great example of a wonderful outdoor outing with plenty of fresh air for someone recovering from addiction. Choosing a recovery location that’s as beautiful as it is stimulating is not only good for recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, but it’s good for mental health, as well. Throughout Arizona, you’ll find canyons, surprise waterfalls and oases and the amazing lush blankets of cacti that are an iconic part of the southwest. The natural beauty of the southwest inspires painters and photographers, as well as writers and spiritual gurus.


Arizona is known for its year-round warm weather. Some days in summer can be a little too hot for some tastes, but there are plenty of indoor activities all over the state to keep anyone both cool and entertained. Indoor outdoor sports, like rock-climbing centers and gymnastic playgrounds for adults, are available for the fun and whimsy of the kind of rough playing you loved as a kid. Winters are nice and mild, making cold and flu season a little easier to navigate because no one has to worry about the discomfort of cold weather when you’re already sick!


In Arizona, you will have a very difficult decision to make: which trail to take now, and which to take when you’re in better shape. Arizona is a haven for outdoors lovers and explorers, with canyons and mountains offering a variety of trails for all experience levels. Despite being a desert state, Arizona has lots of biodiversity, providing a colorful and fascinating trip every time you go out. If you’re lucky enough to find a trail that includes a guide to the flora and fauna on any trail, you’ve not only got a great workout, but a great factoid to impress friends and family.

Great Destination Rehab Culture

Destination rehab peaks in Arizona. The vibrant, rich reds, oranges, and ocre colors are as invigorating as they are relaxing, and make every outdoor activity in Arizona that much prettier. In addition to the incredible views, great weather, and plenty of enjoyable things to do, Arizona boasts some of the royalty of the destination rehab world. With some programs offering lifetime therapy, Arizona is the place to go to for someone looking to get clean and sober and stay that way. Remaining in touch with the people with whom you attended rehab means that you’ll have meaningful relationships with people who know exactly how it feels to successfully complete rehab, and stay clean and sober.

Part of what makes many drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Arizona so successful is specialized treatment that takes individual traits into consideration. People are often treated in groups determined by age and by sex, providing an environment where everyone is as much like one another as possible. There are mountains of opportunities for clean and sober fun everywhere you go, and plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful terrain.


Arizona and New Mexico have in common that their population of both Mexican and Indigenous people populations are higher than anywhere else in the nation. Mexican culture and Indigenous culture have both have had a strong effect on Arizona, especially when it comes to visual arts, food, and history. Some don’t know that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California were part of modern-day Mexico, a country long ruled by Spanish culture and influence. As a result of a long history of cultures mixing, Arizona offers a delicious variety of cultural delights, a perfect treat for someone recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. One of the many wonderful cultural delights of Arizona is Mexican food. Arizona is a great place to have all kinds of regional Mexican food from Oaxaca, Michoacan, and Sinaloa. Experience the magic of a sweet pananderia, or bakery, and don’t forget about delicious and always-pleasing tacos. Mexican food has become a staple in the United States, and has morphed from traditional to cultural mixes like TexMex and CaliMex. With everything that Arizona has to offer, your successful stay in destination rehab is closer than you think.

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