What are the advantages of Evening Intensive Outpatient (E-IOP) for working professionals with addiction issues?

There are a lot of advantages to E-IOP when it comes to recovery support but first, let’s explain just what E-IOP is!

For a client struggling to maintain life’s responsibilities, like their employment, E-IOP offers support for ongoing safety and stability. It is also a way for those trying to recover to still get the community support they need, not sacrificing it because of their busy schedule. The program includes yoga, meditation, physical activity as a combination of support for clients 3-4 times a week! This type of program is intended to keep life on track for the clients utilizing it!

Scottsdale Recovery Center offers E-IOP in 3-hour treatment group segments per day, at 3-4 sessions per week, as clinically indicated. In order to accommodate clients who are working professionals, there are 4 evening/week sessions offered for the working professional. It’s a win-win for clients and their future! There is also a daytime IOP. This offers many of the same benefits to the evening program but with timing of the program running through the day. Clients participating in this program are held accountable to abstaining from drugs and alcohol – there is even breathalyzers and drug tests multiple times a week.

Lastly, an integral part of SRC’s E-IOP is the use of a case manager. A case manager can provide continued support for ongoing referrals, including aftercare planning, recovery connections, legal issues, specialty appointment referrals, insurance needs, and any other identified areas of support. Continued therapy, both individual and family workshops are an additional plus to the program. The goal is long-term sobriety success and SRC is committed to giving you the tools to succeed! If you or a loved one would benefit from the IOP program connect today for details!

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