National Sober Month calls for celebrations sober style! Battling addiction is no easy feat and staying sober presents more challenges. Gaining new friendships, communities, and healthy habits is key to your recovery! Ditch the drugs and alcohol and embrace sober living!
Here are a few ideas to help get you going and celebrate this month!

Get outside! Get into nature! Going out on a hike, bike ride, or strolling a scenic trail is a great way to celebrate with friends! Fresh air and all the movement will give you all the feels as you reflect on just how far you have come … your future is bright!

It’s time to replace addiction and the party scene with a new type of living, clean! We challenge you to try a new hobby, get involved in a sport, attend events, and meet new people. Stretch your network and get to know more sober people even if you are not fully sober! If you are sober curious and just want to see what a day of clean living feels like, the right time to try it is now! There are plenty of clean events happening this month including the CARE event (Celebrate the Art of Recovery)! SRC® will be sponsoring this event and providing heat-resistant metal water bottles to save our planet and keep everyone hydrated! Come on out and join us and bring a friend! You can find details here!

One of the best things to do during National Sober Month is to encourage those around you that are still struggling. Invite family members or friends to hang with you and show them another way of going about it all. Sometimes all someone needs is a little encouragement to get them started on their recovery journey. Even sharing your story and your understanding of addiction can help them relate… and don’t forget to give yourself the permission to celebrate just how far you’ve come. Whether it is day 1 or years in the making, progress is progress!

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