Spring Sober! 

Time to spring-sober! … and just like that, the spring season is upon us! As the weather heats, so do the social events and outings but just what company is good company to keep? 

They say, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” For many facing addiction, past or present, the company they keep is vital to maintaining their progress. Many leave behind old friendships and even family when striving for better in their lives, fighting off vices. Here are a few nudges to know if you are or aren’t in a winning crew! 

It’s what they DO, not what they SAY! 

Have some friends that say they want to stop drinking, using, and being irresponsible? Great! But if you catch their actions not matching up with their words that’s a telltale sign they are not really committed. Don’t fall into the ditch of influence by hanging out with them to find yourself, beer in hand when you made it clear you want to get sober! Take your power back and opt for a doer! 

Ever heard them say, I’m a recreational drug user…

Yea, another RED flag. Many self proclaimed “recreational drug users” actually have addiction issues that they are in denial about. If you’ve struggled with addiction, you will want to be particularly careful with this type, as you may find yourself in situations of peer pressure. 

The unsupportive-supportive friend … 

Consistency is key. If you have a friend or family member that supports your sobriety journey one moment, and than is unsupportive another, they are not consistent. People who are not supportive of your journey may only hold you back with negative comments that get in your head. Get away from them and into you – then seek out groups that have understanding and can reflect the success you wish to have! #SpringSober

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