It’s Time To Talk Day and we are here for it! The day was founded to open up discussion around mental health and the importance of reaching out to others. We are all human and all go through things that can test our limits and need to know it’s okay to talk about things. 

Addiction can all too often lead us into a lonely spiral as we sever relationships on our quest to the next fix. That mixed with guilt and shaming (both self and socially imposed) often leaves many suffocating in silence when they need help the most. This goes for those already in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction as well. Often relapse creeps in first through our thoughts and having a voice during those times can save your life or another’s from plummeting back in the depths of addiction. So what do you do when you feel like there is so much on your plate? You reach out and talk to someone! It can be a mentor, sponsor, family member or friend and it can even be a complete stranger! Yes there are national helplines open 24/7 to talk people through things, support them, and even help them with suicidal thoughts. 

The pandemic alone took a toll on all of us and the rise in addiction and overdoses, it needs to stop. So in order to stop it, we need to talk. 

Reach out today to support that person you know that needs help or better yet, reach out if you need help cause it’s Time To Talk! 🗣️ #MentalHealthMatters

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