Ablue haze swirled around Jaime Weidmann as the TV droned on. Another day, another high. But this day in 2016 would be different.

Her boyfriend was fed up with her verbal abuse and refusal to get a job — Weidmann hadn’t worked in five years. Tired of enabling her marijuana addiction, he kicked her out of his east Phoenix home.

Weidmann’s sister staged an intervention. After a detox, 60-day rehab at Scottsdale Recovery Center® and an eight-week outpatient program at the Meadows, also in Scottsdale, Weidmann’s pot smoking led to a diagnosis of histrionic personality disorder, a mental health condition indicated by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking behaviors, according to research from the Mayo Clinic.

“I’ve never been in the psych ward for, like, psychosis or anything, or jail, but I was definitely going that way,” Weidmann recalled.

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