The coronavirus pandemic shook the entire world and has resulted in many casualties around the world. However, apart from the number of infected people and the fatalities caused due to the virus, there is yet another disturbing trend originating from the ongoing pandemic situation. Various health experts and medical professionals have claimed that suicide and overdose cases have been tremendously increased during the year 2020.

The trends show a spike in overdose and suicides not just in Arizona, but on a national scale. However, whether this trend is associated with loneliness and isolation has worried even the medical experts. The first six months of the year 2020 have been deadlier than any of the past three years. This includes the deaths related to COVID-19, drug overdose, and suicides. This alone explains the severity of the coronavirus pandemic situation.

However, there are therapists who view this as unfortunate, but not surprising. They say that as people isolated during the quarantine period, a lot of factors pushed them to substance abuse. Those who were not used to consuming, started using drugs after being distressed by the coronavirus situation. The fear of losing their job, financial crisis, etc., are some of the factors stressing them to a level where they find their peace in harmful substances. Eventually, they become addicted and lose control of the amount they are consuming. Hence the overdose.

Many therapists are devastated to see the self-destruction that occurs, and the fact that not many people are reaching out for resources. However, they want the people who are struggling to know that there are plenty of resources available. From Zoom meetings to 12-step meetings, and even various support networks available on the internet, the options are endless. They just must consult, and everything will be taken care of to the best extent.

And even though it is the patient who must show a willingness to get sober, family members play an important role too. Since quarantine has made it even more difficult to seek help, family members must step in and talk to their loved ones who are suffering. Listening to what they are feeling and supporting them can reap great results. Therapists suggest that as a family member, you have the best chance to motivate and bring the patient to seek treatment. Since the treatment programs have now taken a virtual shape, the ease to join these programs can surely help the patient and their family members.

Therapists say that there are various programs that are also meant for the patient’s family members. These programs focus on the importance of family in these cases, and how they can help their loved one escape the chain of addiction. This is important when you have a member who has been using drugs for a long, and you couldn’t find a way to help them. Also, if your loved one is feeling stressed and is having suicidal thoughts, you can consult the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and get help ASAP.

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