Wounded Warrior

Some Battles Continue, Long After the War Is Over

Wounded Warrior

Coming home should be a welcoming experience. Even if there’s a strong support network of family and friends, for U.S. military veterans the overload of stress and trauma adversely affects emotional and spiritual strength. Left unaddressed, our service members can feel neglected, misunderstood and left behind.

Some injuries are easily visible while others are hidden beneath a shadow of self-confidence, now lost. It takes a certain kind of commitment to heal what’s broken; a love and respect that’s unwavering. For these men and women who have allowed us to continue to enjoy the freedoms that we can call uniquely American, in their time of need, we offer our hands and our hearts. They always have our backs. It’s time for us to return the favor.

Reintegrate into Society, Say Hello to Inner Peace

Scottsdale Recovery Center® is honored to partner with the Wounded Warrior Project in providing Inpatient Residential and Intensive Outpatient treatment programs that fight the common aftermaths of active military service: drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis.

Some service veterans have trouble doing the simple things of everyday life. Answering the door when someone knocks. Interviewing for a job. Going to sleep at night. Dreaming instead of reliving nightmares day or night. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the result of intense ongoing exposure to traumatic events. This condition affects a person’s ability to function and it takes the right approach to effect positive change by dealing with the root cause of the trauma, the self-medicating behaviors of drug and alcohol misuse and identifying and treating other mental health issues such as depressive disorders and anxiety.


PTSD Hurts Community, You Can Speak Out

Even if you’re not a wounded warrior or military veteran, you may know someone who is. Tell them we’re here to help. Because the best way to heal emotional pain is to admit it’s there and acknowledge the hurt. It’s isn’t a sign of weakness but an immeasurable form of strength. If you are a caregiver or family member of a veteran, contact the Wounded Warrior Project or your local Veterans Administration office. To speak with a substance abuse intake professional, we’re available at your convenience.
 All PPO Insurance Policies Accepted. Often Times You Can Enter Our Executive Health / Addiction Recovery Facility With Little or No Deductible or Co-Pay (All Policies Vary). Call Scottsdale Recovery Center® Today @ 1-888-NODRUGS