PHOENIX, AZ – Scottsdale Recovery Center, an inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation, addiction and medical detox facility, is naming new leadership roles to expand the organization’s therapeutic and development potential.

Andrea Dermott will serve as Scottsdale Recovery Center’s new director of business development, Jennifer Govan as new clinical director, and Aymet Demara as new associate clinical director, according to a press release.

“Dermott, Govan and Demara’s pooled wealth of experience in therapeutic, psychological and addiction-recovery fields will better inform our treatments and client relationships, guiding our clients to long-lasting sobriety and healing,” said Michelle Siwek, owner of Scottsdale Recovery Center, in a prepared statement. “Their willingness to learn new approaches to therapy broaden our capabilities to tailor assistance for each client’s unique recovery journey.” — Michelle Siwek, owner of Scottsdale Recovery Center

Ms. Dermott, who will serve as director of business development, is a Phoenix native with a personal history of addiction.

She joined Scottsdale Recovery Center in January 2019, first as a lab technician, then an administrative assistant, and most recently as the operation manager, after completing its treatment program. In addition to her own empathic connection to the struggle of addiction, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Northern Arizona University. She earned Scottsdale Recovery Center’s “Employee of the Year” award in 2019 and works to elevate the industry standard of addiction treatment, the release states.

Ms. Govan, who will serve as Scottsdale Recovery Center’s clinical director, is a licensed independent substance abuse counselor with a Master of Arts in organizational management and a Master of Science in professional counseling.

Experienced in the fields of behavioral health, substance abuse and executive leadership, she also mentors new therapists and facilitates effective collaboration with members of the team, the release states.

Ms. Demara, the newly appointed associate clinical director, is a licensed associate substance abuse therapist with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Kansas Wesleyan University, and a Master of Science in addiction counseling from Grand Canyon University. A highly competent therapist with experience working at a children’s behavioral health clinic and a substance abuse treatment center, Aymet is certified in EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, the release states.

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