Scottsdale Recovery Center® was recently featured in an article about the growing population of recovering people choosing the Desert Southwest as their oasis. Perhaps this should come as no surprise: warm and beautiful with a vibrant culture influenced by local native nations, Mexico, and the Old West, Arizona has one of the largest populations of Mexican-Americans in the United States. Arizona is also home to the Hopi and Diné people, among over a dozen other native nations. Tombstone is known to history buffs as the location of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral, where the legendary Wyatt Earp and his allies dispatched a band of outlaws. It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing Arizona to recover from drug and alcohol addiction: with the beauty of a thousand paintings and plenty of year-round warm weather, Arizona is the ‘cool’ place to heal.

While the temperatures in Arizona are known for being some of the hottest in the nation, what Arizona lacks, relative to it’s high heat, is humidity. Though dry heat can also make skin, hair, and eyes dry, there are several advantages: first, and foremost, the amount of time anyone will want to spend outside goes up when the air is drier. Without the worry of getting sweaty without even moving, people will feel more inclined to move. This is especially important for individuals recovering from drugs and alcohol, and time spent outdoors, along with exercise, is a crucial part of any drug rehabilitation program.

breaking free from addictionNot only does Arizona have a climate and daily weather ideal for recovery, Arizona is also an outdoor-lover’s paradise: any activity, be it a sport, hiking, leisure riding, camping, or even fishing, Arizona has that. Arizona’s lower cost of living also allows for more of the simple pleasures of daily life that recovering people may not be able to enjoy in more expensive places. With dozens of wonderful places to eat, museums to visit, tours to take, and opportunities to learn, receiving treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona has gone from a relative unknown and obscure concept to an ideal destination in just a few short years.

One of the pioneers in the reinvention of Arizona as a haven for those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol issues is the founder of Scottsdale Recovery Clinic, Chris Cohn. Instead of just opening another treatment center to watch the money come rolling in, Cohn actively chose to offer compassion and solutions to anyone who walks through the door. Focusing on a combination of medical and holistic treatments with plenty of physical activity, Cohn treats addiction as something to stop entirely, instead of ‘pausing,’ which leads to relapse, and repeated trips to rehab.

Breaking the Cycle

People who have completed rehab are often prone to relapse. This fact has been known to doctors and counselors for most of the 20th century, and the numbers rarely change. Cohn, though, has had enough: armed with a vision of lifelong sobriety for anyone who is lucky enough to have a chance at recovery, he opened Scottsdale Recovery Center® with the mission to provide thorough care that lasts. Something that Cohn did not want was to mirror the success rate of other clinics: despite high levels of recovery, many centers experienced a high rate of relapse, and return clients. Chris Cohn went the extra mile, assembling a team dedicated to helping any individual maintain their hard-earned sobriety.

That, though, is just the tip of the iceberg – Cohn has two treatment tracks: one for those between 18 and 35, and one for those over thirty-five. Realizing that people are most comfortable around other people their own age, Cohn’s multifaceted approach to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction begins with a program customized to the needs of each individual. Skipping the mass grouping of people in rehabilitation with the intent of cycling in and out as many people as possible has made Cohn’s dream of lifelong sobriety for clients just a little closer.

Everyone running Scottsdale Recovery Center takes deep pride in treating each individual with a unique regimen of therapy designed to detox, reprogram thinking, and set clients up for success after rehab. Though psychotherapy is one of the many therapies available to those in the treatment programs, Scottsdale Recovery Center® also offers this service to veterans, non-veterans living with PTSD, and individuals living with depression and anxiety. This is another point of pride for Cohn: the ability to heal people who are not well because of chemical imbalances that aren’t drug- or alcohol-related.

Scottsdale Recovery Center

Imagine a beautiful mountain range with views that look more like an enchanting fairytale than an arid desert. Scottsdale Recovery Center is here, functioning as a home away from home while providing the type of quality care that has driven Cohn and the rest of the team since they opened their doors in 2008. Since then, SRC® has been accredited by The Joint Commission, meaning that the center meets or exceeds guidelines for rehabilitation centers. At SRC, the focus is on the healing process, but there is equal emphasis placed on helping every single patient that passes through stay clean and sober.

To do this, Cohn has employed several strategies, starting with hiring counselors for the center who have also survived and recovered from addiction. This detail enables the center to offer one of the best tools for rehab: empathy. With a staff of people who understands, it’s easier to get through to anyone who is working through the process of recovering from addiction. With the customized program being the centerpiece of the center’s offerings, one of the center’s core beliefs is that successful rehab sets up an individual for lifelong success in their struggle against addiction.

After completion of rehab, there is still more work to do. Ensuring that each person has a network of friends and family as well as access to their counselors are just a few steps that Scottsdale Recovery Center® takes to ensure the success of each individual. Support groups, including the well-connected network of sober alumni of SRC, are there for people as they make their journey from hopeless to focused.

Talk to Someone Who’s Been There. Talk to Someone Who Can Help. Scottsdale Recovery Center® holds the highest accreditation (Joint Commission) and is Arizona’s premier rehab facility since 2009. Call 602-346-9142.