TED Talks are a series of online videos featuring short, powerful presentations by experts in various fields. The acronym “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, but TED Talks cover a broad range of topics, including science, business, global issues, creativity, and personal development. TED Talks are typically less than 20 minutes in length and are designed to be engaging, thought-provoking, and informative. They often feature speakers who are experts in their field or who have a unique perspective on a particular topic.

TED Talks were first launched in 1984 as a conference for thought leaders and innovators to share their ideas and experiences with a broader audience. Since then, the TED platform has grown to include a wide range of media, including TEDx events, podcasts, and books. Today, TED Talks are widely viewed as a valuable resource for learning, inspiration, and personal growth. They are available for free on the TED website and on various social media platforms, and are watched by millions of people around the world.

Here are ten TED Talks that provide valuable insights into drug and alcohol addiction:

  1. “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong” by Johann Hari
    In this TED Talk, Johann Hari challenges the traditional view of addiction as a purely physical disease and proposes a more holistic approach to addiction treatment.
  2. “The neurobiology of addiction” by Rachel Wurzman
    In this TED Talk, neuroscientist Rachel Wurzman discusses the brain mechanisms that underlie addiction and how they can inform addiction treatment.
  3. “Addiction is a disease. We should treat it like one” by Michael Botticelli
    In this TED Talk, former drug czar Michael Botticelli discusses the need for a more compassionate and evidence-based approach to addiction treatment.
  4. “The sobering truth about addiction” by Teri-Lynne Lokoff
    In this TED Talk, Teri-Lynne Lokoff shares her personal story of addiction and recovery, highlighting the importance of community and support in the recovery process.
  5. “Rewriting the story of addiction” by Erin Marie Olszewski
    In this TED Talk, nurse Erin Marie Olszewski discusses the need for a paradigm shift in addiction treatment, emphasizing the importance of connection and empathy in the recovery process.
  6. “The politics of addiction” by Claire Mysko
    In this TED Talk, Claire Mysko discusses the social and political factors that contribute to addiction, and proposes a more inclusive and compassionate approach to addiction treatment.
  7. “From heroin to Harvard: Chris Herren’s story” by Chris Herren
    In this TED Talk, former NBA player Chris Herren shares his personal story of addiction and recovery, highlighting the power of second chances and the importance of family and community.
  8. “The art of being yourself” by Caroline McHugh
    In this TED Talk, Caroline McHugh discusses the importance of self-awareness and self-acceptance in the recovery process, emphasizing the need to embrace our true selves.
  9. “The power of vulnerability” by Brené Brown
    In this TED Talk, Brené Brown discusses the importance of vulnerability in cultivating connection and resilience, which can be particularly important for individuals in recovery from addiction.
  10. “Breaking the cycle of addiction” by Eddie Einbinder
    In this TED Talk, Eddie Einbinder shares his personal story of addiction and recovery, highlighting the need for a personalized and holistic approach to addiction treatment.

These TED Talks offer valuable insights and perspectives on addiction and recovery, and can be a helpful resource for individuals in recovery, loved ones, and healthcare professionals.

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