The same way we celebrate accomplishments, we should celebrate sober anniversaries or soberversaries. Celebrating important milestones in life makes us feel recognized, accomplished, and appreciated, giving all the more reason to celebrate sober birthdays: not only do they serve as a mark of progression and growth, but they also motivate you to stay on the right track with next year’s date being the goal.

These anniversaries also give you a chance to reflect on your recovery and the people who have helped get you there. Although the journey feels solitary at times, you’re never in it alone. Reflecting on this type of anniversary allows for the understanding that true success lies in the quality of your efforts and the positive encouragement of those around you.

Inevitably, soberversaries also disclose the fact that you were once an addict. It’s understandable that making your past the center of attention might make you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, or even embarrassed. But those feelings should be pushed aside and replaced with pride and confidence. Having more people speak on their struggles encourages others to voice their own experiences, further raising addiction awareness.

With that being said, celebrities who openly discussed their addictions help bring the disease out of the shadows and into the light. Their stories serve as inspiration, and yours will too. Read below for a list of popular celebrities who are celebrating in 2019. 


  • Brad Pitt – 3 years
  • Bradley Cooper – 16 years
  • Colin Farrell – 11 years
  • Daniel Radcliffe – 9 years
  • Danny Trejo – 51 years
  • Dax Shepard – 15 years
  • Demi Lovato – 7 years
  • Elton John – 29 years
  • Eminem – 11 years
  • Eric Clapton – 30 years
  • Eva Mendes – 11 years
  • Gerard Butler – 17 years
  • Jamie Lee Curtis – 21 years
  • Jason Biggs – 1 year
  • John Mayer – 3 years
  • Kat Von D – 12 years
  • Keith Urban – 13 years
  • Kelly Osborne – 2 years
  • Lana Del Rey – 11 years
  • Mike Posner – 4 years
  • Rob Lowe – 28 years
  • Robert Downey Jr. – 16 years
  • Russell Brand – 17 years
  • Samuel L. Jackson – 28 years
  • Steven Tyler – 10 years
  • Tim McGraw – 11 years
  • Tobey Maguire – 25 years
  • Travis Barker – 8 years
  • Zac Efron – 6 years

Unfortunately, there is a massive stigma surrounding addiction. For the people on the outside looking in, they have a hard time sympathizing, or even understanding addiction. It’s important for those who have struggled with substance abuse to be more vocal about their experiences so people like this can better understand. This way, we can start to end the stigma around addiction. Thankfully, there have been people such as these, and many more, with a massive reach who have started to shine some light on substance abuse and tell their fans about their experiences with it: celebrities. These soberversaries are worth celebrating! 

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