Addiction is a disease that is plaguing this world. Every year, people get addicted to substances and suffer fatal consequences because of their addictions. However, some people are able to realize the fault in their actions and seek help. For some, it’s not that easy. Addiction is a disease that affects the mind and manipulates the brain into thinking the body absolutely needs the desired substance to function properly. Some people are able to realize their issues and try to help themselves. Most of the time, the self-help approach does not work for people looking to live a sober life. That is why addiction recovery centers are here to help. Rehab centers offer assistance for those seeking addiction recovery, but cannot do so on their own. However, many people turn away from rehab centers because of their financials. Addiction treatment is by no means cheap, but we have some good news for people that are seeking affordable addiction treatment options in Arizona: Medica Insurance covers addiction treatments! 

That’s right, if you have an insurance plan with Medica Insurance, certain addiction recovery treatments are covered under your plan! For most people, paying out of pocket for addiction treatment seems to be the norm. However, Medica Insurance is accepted at some Arizona-based recovery centers! We’re here to discuss what Medica Insurance can do for you when it comes to addiction recovery treatment. 

Medica Insurance

Medica Insurance is a health insurance company in the U.S. that offers many different options in terms of healthcare coverage options. In this case, their insurance options are accepted at some Arizona-based recovery centers. Scottsdale Recovery Center, Arizona Addiction, Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers, Scottsdale Detox, and Soberliving AZ all accept Medica Insurance for recovery treatment coverages. Medica Insurance has plans that are suited to fit an individual or an individual family’s needs. What we are here to discuss is the fact that all plans under Medica Insurance cover behavioral health services, like addiction recovery treatment, but what addiction services are/are not covered by Medica behavioral health plans?

What’s Covered?

  • Medical Detoxification? – Yes, medical detox is covered under Medica Insurance’s behavioral health plans! At Scottsdale Detox, they accept Medica Insurance for financial coverage when it comes to medical detox. Medical detox can simply be defined as physically and chemically removing substances/toxins from the body before entering into an addiction recovery program. This is a necessary step to take before entering a rehab program. During this process, patients will be extremely uncomfortable due to withdrawal symptoms being at their most severe during this time. Medical professionals are able to assist patients during this taxing time and provide them with means of coping (medicine, therapy, guidance, etc.). If you are looking to go through the medical detox process that accepts Medica Insurance plans, consider Scottsdale Detox
  • Inpatient Rehab? – Yes! Inpatient rehabilitation programs are covere at facilities like Soberliving AZ, Scottsdale Recovery Center, and Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers. Inpatient rehabilitation is a great way for people to escape the crazy world we live in and be admitted into a program that helps them focus on their recovery journey. This is a great option for younger folks who may not have a full-time job or family yet. Inpatient programs have the patients live on-site until they have graduated or simply do not want to attend any longer. Some may have to leave because of financial strain, but these centers have options for payment plans to compensate for the patient’s financial situation. Through inpatient rehabilitation, the patients can heal in a setting that is focused on growth, community, and improvement. These programs have group activities, therapy sessions, and regular outings for patients which make for an incredible recovery experience.
  • Outpatient Rehab? – Yes, outpatient rehabilitation is covered by Medica Insurance plans. More specifically, Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers and Scottsdale Recovery Center accept Medica Insurance for outpatient rehab coverage. Thankfully, most Medica Insurance plans cover outpatient treatment programs. As we mentioned previously, places like SRC and AARC offer intensive outpatient programs that give a patient a more privatized and individualized recovery experience. The great thing about outpatient programs is that it allows patients to continue living their busy lives. This type of addiction treatment program is great for those who are older and have an already established lifestyle. Those with families and full-time jobs can benefit from this treatment because it allows them to attend their treatment program while still fulfilling their daily duties.
  • Sober Living Homes? No, Medica Insurance plans do not cover sober living homes. Places like Soberliving AZ offer services like sober living homes for patients that prefer a more privatized version of inpatient addiction treatment. However, Medica Insurance’s behavioral health benefits do not cover this kind of addiction treatment. For people considering sober living homes, you may need to pay out of pocket for this kind of addiction treatment.

Step by Step Instructions to Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers That Accept Medica

1) Contact AARC for a quick confirmation of your benefits. We have three different programs you can choose from in the Scottsdale and Phoenix regions. Scottsdale Recovery Center, Soberliving AZ, and Arizona Addiction. For our Detox Facility in Scottsdale, we operate Scottsdale Detox. Call us today and we can respond to inquiries concerning coverage for addiction treatment.

2.) The second step in utilizing your Medica insurance is identifying what type of plan you have. This can be done by looking at your insurance card or contacting a representative from Medica Insurance to determine your individual and exact plan level. Once we have determined your plan type and policy, you can browse Medica’s comprehensive database of treatment providers to locate an appropriate rehab facility in your state that best suits your budget and care requirements. Medica works with a variety of groups and employer networks across the country including Arizona and Illinois, so it’s helpful to consult a representative that can point you or your loved one in the right direction.

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