Scottsdale Recovery Center® does not offer Medical Detox in Scottsdale. We refer out to trusted and experienced detox professionals in our community. Scottsdale Recovery Center® offers the best medical drug and alcohol detox referral treatment and recovery in the area. With one of the highest recovery rates in the industry, SRC® continues to expand its alcoholism and drug addiction recovery programs. Scottsdale Recovery Center® has served Scottsdale and surrounding areas for over 10 years and prides itself on its seasoned team of medical detox referral professionals.

We believe in the Scottsdale community’s strength and collaboration to prevent the spread of alcoholism and drug abuse. Scottsdale Recovery Center® is an actively involved contributor to addiction recovery treatment programs, events, and outreach initiatives in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas. We staff a dedicated outreach team, tasked with researching new opportunities to educate and inform the members of our growing hometown of the dangers and signs of depression, drug addiction and alcoholic behaviors. We do our absolute best to prevent before we treat, but recovery detox treatment is the first step in helping a troubled resident find their ground again.

With over 10 years in the drug detox referral and alcohol abuse recovery service in Scottsdale, our staff has become one of the most seasoned and successful teams of medical detox referral professionals nationwide. We understand that our patients often come from a past that wasn’t easy and so our team go the extra mile in offering a comforting, warm, and supportive environment to facilitate a successful recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism.

Medical detoxification is a necessary step to help our patients through the hardships of recovery. The detox referral medical staff focuses on rapid, yet comfortable substance abuse recovery, minimizing drug prescriptions and dosages, and focusing more on mental health and one-on-one counseling sessions with masters level addiction specialists.

How does medical detox work?

Upon checking in to the Scottsdale detox facility, each patient is given a careful and attentive evaluation of physical well-being, mental health, and substance abuse patterns and behaviors. This establishes a baseline that allows our doctors and nurses to customize a plan for each patient that minimizes discomfort during drug and alcohol detox referral. Patients are also engaged in counseling sessions designed to empower a patient to overcome physiological addiction and trauma. Our medical staff have used this approach for years, with much higher success rates than most US facilities and with more permanently recovered patients than any other in Arizona.

Services Offered

Medical detox refferal – this is the primary recovery technique used to ensure a comfortable, safe, and non-addictive treatment during the initial phase of withdrawal. Each patient is evaluated carefully, then prescribed just the right amount of medication to ease suffering during withdrawal discomfort. This allows the patient to focus on their mental health and work through underlying causes to the addictive behavior.

Holistic treatment – it is imperative to a successful long-term recovery that all underlying causes to addiction are treated. Holistic substance abuse treatments that focus on the mental well being of our patients has been shown to increase the effectiveness of their drug and alcohol recovery efforts. Combined with prescribed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, patients often find a soothing mental balance established with regular practice of yoga, exercise therapy, spiritual therapy, and massage therapy. These non-medical therapies help our patients begin to identify the issues that encourage substance abuse including anxiety, depression or traumatic episodes in their past. Combined with the medical staff’s recommended counseling sessions, patients in recovery use holistic treatments to focus on their own thought process to enable them to communicate issues better with their therapists.

Scottsdale Treatment FacilityScottsdale Recovery Center® employs experts in various holistic recovery practices. In the Scottsdale-based recovery center, yoga instructors, gym instructors, nutritionists, spiritual guides and other professionals work closely with patients every day to determine the best intensity and regimen for each patient. They collaborate with medical staff to communicate progress and the need for additional counseling or medical intervention.

  • Yoga – we employ top tier yoga instructors with a solid background in substance abuse recovery. Yoga has proven itself as an effective form of meditation. Combined with counseling sessions, it has a powerful effect on a patient’s ability to identify deeply-rooted issues and strengthen internal coping mechanisms to alleviate them. Yoga is also an extremely effective stress reduction method that teaches students to recognize stress-related addiction cravings and how to curb them.
  • Exercise – our Scottsdale Recovery Center® facility in Scottsdale, AZ has state-of-the-art workout equipment and trained instructors to help patients focus on their recovery through the strengthening of their bodies and reducing stress through rigorous exercise. This study by the the NCBI shows that exercise leads to an overall better sense of well-being, sense of accomplishment, feeling stronger, and increased confidence in recovery efforts.
  • Massage – Massage is a powerful stress reduction tool which is especially useful in the first 2 weeks of recovery. Patient comfort goes a long way in establishing a positive attitude to recovery and eases new patients into the mental space needed for a successful transition into sobriety.
    Tai chi, acupuncture, guided meditation, art therapy, and equine therapy – Our Scottsdale facility contracts specialists that we’ve established long-term relationships with to provide holistic treatments that might work better for some patients.
  • Holistic substance abuse treatment improves confidence dramatically, reduces the appeal of substance abuse by allowing patients to respect their bodies more, and facilitates better understanding of underlying causes. You can read more about our holistic treatments here.

Follow up services

Our very own Scottsdale Recovery Center® medical staff in Scottsdale helped put together one of the best follow up protocols in the country. We strongly believe in establishing a trusting bond with each patient and view follow up as one of the crucial pillars in establishing long-term drug and alcohol dependence recovery. Before checking out, each patient is assessed to make sure they are fit to be discharged and we establish a follow up schedule to touch base and document any changes in behavior that would warrant a visit back to our facility.

Our team of professionals

Our Scottsdale Addiction Recovery Center is staffed with the best doctors who are in charge of running various tests and helping to council our patients through the addiction recovery process. Our doctors have the passion and the experience of helping drug addicts recover and refrain from their behavior in the quest to achieve sobriety.
We are also staffed with professional and qualified nurses who help doctors in the monitoring of the patient’s behaviors, taking various measurements of their performance. At our Scottsdale Recovery Center, patients will learn how to prepare and eat a balanced diet, which exercises they can engage in to speed along the recovery period, and much more. Our nurses and counselors work together to help patients curb the uncomfortable detox and craving periods associated with drug abuse & withdrawals.

Talk to Someone Who’s Been There. Talk to Someone Who Can Help. Scottsdale Recovery Center® holds the highest accreditation (Joint Commission) and is Arizona’s premier rehab facility since 2009. Call 602-346-9142.