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Work With Us

Evolve PR SRC CEO and FounderThe industry-leading clinicians, therapists and peer-revered professionals at Scottsdale Recovery Center’s facilities sole mission is to help as many people break free from drug and alcohol addiction to live the life they are meant to and thrive. Work with us!

In support of reaching this goal, we look to partner with other medical professionals, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, businesses and public leaders who can help us help those in need.

Perhaps you work with patients who may have a co-occurring disorder and need inpatient residential or intensive outpatient services. You could be looking for a safe, trusted environment that focuses on individualized patient care from detox through recovery, please consider us as your valued resource.

We understand addiction. We understand challenges. We live to help others overcome them.

To start the conversation as a preferred addiction rehab partner, call 1-888-NODRUGS or email us.

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