Addiction rehab programs are subjected to several myths and misconceptions. It is commonly believed that the drug rehab is considered to be a 30-day program, but this is not always the case. The sobriety ratio is higher among the people who choose to enroll in longer programs at inpatient rehab centers.

Different programs are offered by rehab facilities for you to choose from: these include 30, 60, and 90-day programs. In addition, there are even longer programs that can last from 6 months to one year. A 90-day rehab program, however, is now becoming the standard in addiction treatment and recovery.

Why is the 90-Day Rehab Program Beneficial?

When you decide to seek treatment at a rehab center, it isn’t just your physical dependence on the substance of abuse that needs to be addressed. There are a lot of other factors that matter and must be attended to. This includes your mental health, your physical health, your approach towards addiction, and even your overall lifestyle. Catering to each of these factors requires substantial time and effort in order to ensure that you make a successful recovery and achieve long-term sobriety.

Here are a few ways in which 90-day rehab programs are most effective for recovery:

Allows Adequate Time to Heal and Facilitates Further Diagnosis

Rehab RecoveryIndividuals struggling with drug abuse are often suffering from a co-existing mental health condition. This requires them to undergo thorough medical attention on top of drug detox. Choosing a 90-day rehab program gives a patient sufficient time to allow their body to heal. In addition, replacing older unhealthy habits with newer and more productive ones cannot be executed overnight. This requires the addict to remain in a stable and monitored environment to get accustomed to such an extreme change in lifestyle.

A 90-day rehab program gives your mind and your body an unrushed period to catch up with lost health. It also allows you to regain the emotional and mental stability required for the fresh start ahead.

Ensures Effective Recovery

Certain substances require a long detoxification period, and an even longer time to develop proper mechanisms for coping with the urge to use. A cocaine addict, for instance, will spend nearly three weeks in detox.

When your body is accustomed to the presence of an addictive substance, it is natural that it would take a longer time to properly develop the habits that will allow you to live without the drug. A 90-day rehab program is necessary to take the most away from treatment and effectively recover.

Helps Identifying Hidden Disorders

To ensure long-term recovery, you have to learn skills that will help you battle relapse and maintain sobriety. If you are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, your counselor and therapist will need more time to work with you to help treat the condition.

In most of the cases, a co-existing health disorder is often diagnosed during counseling and therapy sessions. Certain hidden disorders can go unnoticed in shorter rehab programs because the focus is primarily set on the main, more obvious issue: the addiction.

Offers Diverse Experience

Dedicating three months to focus entirely on recovery allows you sufficient time to undergo different therapies and activities. When you experience a variety of activities, you are able to choose the one that connects the best with your mind, body, and spirit.

Recognizing what works best for you promotes the chance of maintaining a successful recovery. You can continue to utilize your chosen activity as a mechanism to get you through the recovery process, as well as help you lead a sober life after treatment ends.

Offers a Stable and Productive Environment

You can choose a residential rehab facility when opting for a 90-day program. This can be beneficial in several ways. When you choose to move out of your home and continue addiction treatment in a different location, it provides certain feelings of hope and safety as you distance yourself from enabling people and places.

Moving out of the environment where addiction-contributing factors are will allow your mind to focus solely on recovery and develop a willingness to kick your addiction once and for all.

Gives a Substantial Break from Temptations

A 30-day program can be effective in helping develop skills to battle any triggers and temptations pertinent to your addictive behavior. It can increase your sobriety rate if you continue with the aftercare and outpatient rehab program.

But, returning to the same environment that contains substantial triggers and compulsive factors after only one month of rehab makes it highly difficult to prevent relapse. It can take a tremendous amount of struggle to fight temptations and retain the healthy practices that you have learned in the past thirty days.

A 90-day rehab program, on the other hand, can help you master the skills of recovery, and gives you enough time away from temptations so that you are able to develop a strong resistance towards them. Therefore, when you return to your normal life and original environment, you will be able to fight any urges effectively. Mastering coping skills significantly reduces the chance of relapse.

Your Brain Demands 90 Days

Under the influence of illicit substances, your brain suffers tremendously. Drugs have a very strong impact on brain function and chemistry. When you undergo detox, therapy, and counseling sessions, your brain slowly and steadily finds its way back to normal function.

According to scientific evidence, a human brain needs ninety days time in order to properly recover from the effects of addiction. Abusive substances negatively impact analytical function and decision-making abilities.

A 90-day rehab program is best-suited to restore these functions in the most optimal manner. The more stable the atmosphere, and the more professional attention given to your brain during this recovery period, the better the brain’s chances to heal and function normally.

Before making any decisions in choosing a rehab program, it is recommended that you consult a rehab specialist first. The details given to you by a professional about different programs will help you make a more informed choice on which method would be best for your particular recovery.

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