There is a massive debate happening in society regarding the legalization of Marijuana but before we dig deeper into the idea of whether or not it should be legalized, let’s understand what it really is.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a very popular drug used by people all over the world. It comes from the Cannabis sativa plant that originates from Central Asia, where it was originally used for home medication.

Marijuana has gained its recognition to the public and has since become very popular across various demographics. The plant contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound chemical that alters a person’s mind, creating that “high” people who use it always talk about. It is an intense feeling of euphoria for users.

Types of Marijuana

There are three types of marijuana we can separate into 3 categories based on their use: medical, recreational, and synthetic. Each has their own specific purposes.

Medical Marijuana

It is used by patients for medicinal purposes alone. This type of medication is prescribed by doctors for patients recovering from surgeries or for patients who suffer from chronic pain. It is used as a pain killer and it not used recreationally.

Recreational Marijuana

This type is not used for medicinal reasons, rather it is used for fun. Though it is legal in some states, it is still illegal to use marijuana this way in many states.

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana was created in labs to create a greater high for users. Some recreational users have developed such a high tolerance that normal marijuana does not give them the desired effects. So, people invented this synthetic version to create strands of weed that can be laced with chemicals that create extremely intense highs. These can be extremely dangerous for users because the chemicals they are laced with can be harmful to the body.

Pros and Cons of Marijuana

Pros of Marijuana Use

As everyone knows, marijuana is widely used, despite is being illegal in most states. When it is used illegally, it is seen as detrimental. When the drug is used for medicinal purposes, it can be seen as beneficial. Now, let’s discuss why people want this drug to be legalized across the nation:

  • It helps alleviate nausea and vomiting especially for people who fight cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. There are studies about medicinal cannabis that prove that the drug really can reduce these symptoms for people.
  • Marijuana can relieve a person from muscle stiffness which is sometimes caused by muscle sclerosis, a disease that disables the functions of the brain and central nervous system. Muscle Sclerosis (MS) attacks the protecting case that wraps the nerve fibers that cause a predicament between the brain and the rest of the organs in the body.
  • It can treat people suffering from a loss of appetite due to diseases like HIV/AIDS and other specific kinds of cancer. It helps not by eliminating the disease but by reducing negative side-effects.
  • It helps relieve chronic pain such as diabetes, shingles, and muscle sclerosis. Also, it reduces neuropathic pain such as phantom limb pain and trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Medical Marijuana has been used over centuries, gaining a good reputation over the years with their exemplary results in treating people for diseases/chronic pain.
  • It is safer to use as a medication when compared to prescribed opioid medicines which can be highly addictive and life-threatening. Opioid medicines are not advisable for long-term use in treating chronic pains and other illnesses.
  • You are not required to smoke the drug, you can take it in other forms such as pills and cannabinoid oils.

Cons of Marijuana Use

Though marijuana clearly has some benefits, this doesn’t mean there aren’t people who abuse the drug. Here are the cons to the legalization of the drug:

  • It can affect your short-term memory if used excessively. It affects the current memories of a person, called active memory. Short-term memory can last from 30 seconds to several days.
  • It affects your general mental abilities such as reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, planning, comprehension, and other cognitive ability.
  • Smoking, whether it be tobacco, cigarette, or marijuana products, can damage your lungs. It can cause severe damage to the lungs and could eventually develop into serious diseases.
  • Smoking Marijuana can cause cancer, such as lung or throat cancer.
  • Though many people argue against it, marijuana can be an addictive substance because of its effects. For some who use the substance, the euphoric effects are extremely enticing and can lead an individual to develop habitual use.
  • Marijuana is illegal and is classified as Schedule I in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).
  • Side effects from marijuana include sleepiness, mood changes, change in blood pressure and heart rate.

Debates about legalization started because people started to use the drug outside of its intended medicinal use. They abuse it for their own purposes, and their negligence and recklessness demoralize the actual benefits of marijuana. There are many things to consider and a lot of data must be gathered to come up with a decision of whether or not the drug should be legalized.

If they passed the bill about legalizing Marijuana, they should come up with a solution to those who abuse it to prevent addiction. Some of the effects of marijuana legalization could include:

  • Reduce costs in the legal and criminal justice system by cutting the burden of marijuana-related crimes such as possession of a small amount of marijuana.
  • If legalized, the government can control the production of marijuana, there would be less criminal charges, and it could create jobs. People could also become more educated on the true uses of the drug.

There are benefits to legalizing this drug, however, there are also negative consequences. People who regularly use the substance could have easier access to it and may develop addictive behaviors. Addiction to this substance is very possible, just like addiction to any substance or behavior is possible. We need to help educate people on the true uses of marijuana and what the drug should be used for.

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