Scottsdale Recovery Center® (SRC®) is excited to announce the recent opening of “The Starfire Center of Sobriety”. The Starfire Center of Sobriety is a certified sober living community located near Hayden Road on Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale and just minutes away from the SRC® outpatient addiction treatment clinic.

The Starfire Center of Sobriety is certified with the Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) and is in the process of licensure with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). Amenities include upscale community living with a safe and secure neighborhood. Queen size beds and private rooms are available upon request. The property boasts a beautiful pool with a barbeque, fireplace, smart TVs with streaming capability and Wi-Fi in each room. Daily living skills are learned and used each day with meal planning, environment cleanliness and adherence to daily schedules, recovery meetings and alumni induction as well as promoting a clean and sober community through verification of abstinence.

SRC®‘s CEO, Lee Yaiva, “Our expansion has been fully intentional and will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our ever-growing population. We intentionally contribute to the calm, and not the calamity. This allows us to meet the individual where they are and reinforce the organizational mission of SRC, to Reconnect, Rebuild and Recover.”

While a part of the SRC® sober living program, residents will be required to have gainful employment and participate in continued recovery through our outpatient groups. Additional services can include mentorship, case management, medical and psychiatric appointments if needed and family is always welcome to attend Family Workshop on Saturdays.

The Starfire Center of Sobriety offers housing with the support and comfort you need to continue a life free from addiction. The Starfire Center of Sobriety plays an important role in supporting continued recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. SRC®’s sober living program helps residents in recovery maintain an alcohol and drug free lifestyle by establishing an environment that supports and reinforces daily sober activities and promotes a life of recovery.

Although housing is outside the scope of what insurance covers, SRC® offers cost effective solutions with discounted fees, payment plans and pay as you go alternatives. Scottsdale Recovery and Detox Center® is committed to helping you on your journey in recovery. Need help or have questions? Call SRC® today 866-893-6007.

Scottsdale Recovery and Detox Center® can be contacted at 1-888-NODRUGS, 24 hours a day.

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